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Re bronchiectasis, should I start emergency antibiotics if I catch a cold?

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I'm about to go away for 10 days with someone who has just told me they've got a cold (it's not Covid). So it's possible I will catch it. If I do, should I take the emergency antibiotics immediately, or wait to see if the cold goes down to my lungs? Thank you in advance for your advice. It's the first time this has happened since I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis.

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Hi, I wouldn't take emergency antibiotics for a cold. However other forum members who have bronchiectasis may say differently. Do take your emergency pack on holiday with you though and I hope you have a nice time.

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Twinklenose in reply to CDPO16

Thank you, I will definitely pack the emergency pack, and in my carry on bag, not my main suitcase!

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CDPO16 in reply to Twinklenose

Great advice from Littlepom as always. Read one of your replies below, quite a journey you are going on. Let us know how it went when you get back.

Hello, I see that you joined us last October and are working hard at coming to grips with managing your bronch. The question of when to take the antibiotics is one which plagues all of us and basically we need to listen to our own bodies because we are all different. Remember, you didn't get bronch overnight and had probably been living with it for some time before it was diagnosed. So if you think back to when you have had colds and then there had been a change to coloured mucus and quite a lot of it, you have an indication of when to start the abs. If I have a head cold I use coldzyme immediately, which is very good at breaking the dna in the virus and has stopped many a cold after 2-3 days for me. If I have a sore virus chest it us likely that I won't avoid a bacterial exacerbation so as soon as I see more, thicker and darker mucus I start the abs.I avoid people with colds like the plague. I suggest that you get nasal guard cold and flu blocker and put it around your mouth and nose. I think it works in warding off the cold virus and quite frankly I would be wearing my mask and using sanitising gel when in the company of my friend, or at least keep my distance. If she is a real friend she should recognise your vulnerability and wear a mask until the cold has gone.

Having said all that I do hope that you have a lovely holiday.

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Patk1 in reply to Littlepom

Cant add to littlepoms great advice.Try not to sit face to face,side to side wld be better to reduce droplets more - id carry some disposable nappy bags and tissues for her to use,and id also be giving her a squirt of handgel whn u use also take antibacterial surface wipes,and if poss keep window open xxxxx

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Twinklenose in reply to Patk1

Thanks Patk1. I'll do my best to follow your wise advice! xx

Than you for your reply and wisdom, Littlepom. I have ordered some coldzyme, plus bought the nasal guard spray and some vitamin C. Reading the reviews about coldzyme on Amazon, it seems to get good reviews as a preventative measure against catching a cold, so maybe it will be worth using it on those days when I have to go on trains or into busy venues. The other change that I've made since having bronchiectasis is to take vitamin D every day, plus to change my diet drastically - this, plus daily lung clearance, seems to be helping me maintain the level I'm at - I'd hoped initially it would cure it, but I've realised that that's not realistic, and the best I can do is to work towards it not getting any the worse.

Sadly bronchiectasis cannot be cured at present but you can lead a very full and enjoyable life with it and you are going the right way about it. I am 72, have had it since I was 3 and lived a life which everybody tells me should be in a book! I still socialise (covid permitting) go to the theatre and guide 2 days per week where Shakespeare went to school.THE most important part of self management is emptying your lungs of the warm wet stuff that bacteria love to party in. Keeping mobile, in whatever way suits you is also important. Crucially, finding the right specialist and making sure that you get the right drugs when you need them. GPs are out of their depth with us and need the help of a bronch specialist not a general respiratory consultant. They also have very little training in or knowledge of bronch.

The coldzyme is for when you have a cold starting. You spray it down the back of your throat. It should shorten it.The nasal guard is a tiny tube and I put it round my nose and mouth if I go into a crowded venue to prevent infection.

In 2015 after much nagging of my GP I had a booster programme for vitamin D and have taken 1600 iu per day ever since. In all that time I have had 3 colds which the coldzyme knocked on the head and 2 chest viruses which turned to bronch exacerbations. So far free of covid 🤞It must be something to do with the vit D. Well done you for getting to grips and remember we are here if you need support.

Thank you! And thank you for all the support that I see you providing to folk on this forum.

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Patk1 in reply to Twinklenose

Yes thats gd to work cure but management is key.if u suspect infection,treat asap to avoid further damage xxx

Personally I'd wait a bit, a cold is a virus , you may not catch it so hang on in case you do & then think about the abs. Take copious vitamin c & d3 to blast your immune system- that what I do & sometimes it works to keep colds at bay.If I get a sore throat I blast that with Corvonia Throat Spray (contains antiseptic, I never travel anywhere without it as well as my effervescent vitamin c 1000mg & spare abs). A few drops of tea tree oil in water works a treat too for throats. I always know when a throat tickle goes further down from the accessible throat so that's when I whack in the abs if I've got some.....this is just the way I, personally go about keeping bacterial infection setting in on the back of a virus.

Littlepom writes the best advice/knowledge on bronchiectasis

PS do take a copy of your prescription with you if you're going away all your meds, plus plenty of Lateral Flow tests, masks and ask your friend to wear a mask. FFP2 are good masks. Good luck. P

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Twinklenose in reply to peege

Thanks peege. Great advice about taking lateral flow tests with me, and I hadn't thought of taking my prescription, thank you. I'm going to be passing through 8 airports in 10 days, so I'll definitely be wearing a permanent mask! And I've bought some of the coldzyme Littlepom recommended, that looks good as a preventative measure.

Hi, Normally Antibiotics will only help if you get a secondary bacterial infection, colds are viral, but you can be more susceptible. I would only take them if you detect inflammation of trachea or beyond.

Yes, thank you for your advice. I know a cold is viral, it's just that I was advised by the consultant when I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis that I needed to start on the antibiotics whenever I caught any chest infection, because if my immune system is busy fighting the new infection, the existing bacteria in the hole in my lungs 'think it's party time' and start multiplying.

Sounds as though you have a good consultant Twinklenose

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I wouldn't take my emergency antibiotics for cold , but you could take them with you just in case it does get on your chest. Have a wonderful time and I hope you don't catch the cold . Have a good day and safe journey take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

Thank you both for your wisdom and kind thoughts!

always listen to littlepom .take a rescue antibiotic from doctor just in case it develops to producing coloured mucus and have a lovely time. don't anything let it spoil it for you.

Thank you, I plan on having a great time!

where are you going ?

A week in New York and 2 days in Washington - if we get through the COVID test tomorrow evening! Fingers crossed.

now that is special . do let us know all about it when you get back > I am envious.

I forgot to mention, a member's baggage went missing on a flight recently containing her medication - so best to keep in your hand baggage, unless the USA has rules about it. P ×

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Twinklenose in reply to peege

Good point, thank you!

I had a chest infection and took the amoxyllin and predenosole tabs half way through them i caught a coldSo i took some paracetemol

I am absolutely lost without my wife

She always had an answer

I suggest you take a small thermometer, but hope don’t get temperature

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