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Sellling Portable Oxygen Concentrators- tricky!

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This has only just come to my attention!

Just want to give people the heads up that those of us who bought our own POC’s are finding it difficult, perhaps impossible to sell them on when we no longer can use them. ie due to a change in prescription.

I intend to investigate this further however at the moment it looks as if buying a POC or any private 02 equipment is a complete waste of money and resources.

If you need something to travel abroad with, perhaps renting might be a better option, cheaper too and then you won’t get lumbered with a piece of high tech equipment which you have to dispose of somehow, which is not only unsustainable, environmentally damaging, it is often very expensive.

If anyone out there knows differently then I would love a conversation with you about to move this issue forward.

11 Replies
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I have been offered £450 by who buy and sell the G3.

This is a lot less than the £850 I was trying to list it for on eBay.

I think we must accept that we will lose a lot of money (£1000) when we sell, your idea of renting seems to be the way to go for people wanting one for a short period.

It would be fantastic if this forum would allow items for sale to be listed but the transfer of money would be tricky.

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PaulineHM in reply to Pam54321

Thanks for letting me know Pam what Healthoxygen have offered you. Yes I think that is an offer to be accepted, giving that it is impossible at the moment to sell privately. Can I ask does their price include everything or just the machine itself and collection too ?

I am approaching all the U.K. companies to check if they buy back at all and am awaiting their responses.

Good wishes,


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Pam54321 in reply to PaulineHM

I have to include all the original equipment and they will collect. If the item is not as described they will reduce the offer but if that is refused they will return it free of charge.

I filled in a form which was from OnOxygen but the reply came from HealthOxygen but they refer to PureO2 in the letter.

Hope that helps!

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PaulineHM in reply to Pam54321

Thanks for that information Pam.

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Pam54321 in reply to PaulineHM

I have accepted their offer and it will be collected tomorrow.

A weight of my mind!

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WeirdOxygenGirl in reply to Pam54321

I also have a G3 I was hoping to recover some funds back, as I now own a G5 which suits my needs. I drive and I’m travelling on short flights while I’m still able.I’ve been offered £200 for the parts!

It’s awful, the costs incurred just because you are disabled, all I want to do is get out the house for my mental health!

I might start loaning my equipment out when not in use, like a holiday let 😆

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Pam54321 in reply to WeirdOxygenGirl

That offer seems very low, mine was just over 12 months old, yours may have had more use.

Renting it out seems to be good idea but you may not be able to advertise the facility.

I would advise anyone to see your GP and get referred to the NHS Countrywide Community Repository Service who in Lincolnshire UK have a team. A nurse came and prescribed a direct flow generator and it was delivered within 5 hours and set up. They said they would have given me a portable one but as I already had my G3 they didn't.

I can't go out now so I don't need a portable one.

The service from these people has been fantastic, there seems to be no problem they can't solve!

I would advise you all to get your machines on prescription!

My machine saw me through a bad period, so it cost me money, but cars depreciate and my husband spends £2000 every 5 years on hearing aids, I think we must accept the losses and hope the pensions and wages increase!

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WeirdOxygenGirl in reply to Pam54321

Thank you

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PaulineHM in reply to WeirdOxygenGirl

I understand that you are disappointed to get a low offer for your Inogen One G3. I am in the same position, it is frustrating isn’t it ? Please be careful about renting it out, unless you are absolutely certain sure that it will meet the need the prescribed oxygen rate and flow for someone else.

I know we all have a personal responsibility to manage our own health needs but that is easier for some than others.

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Has any explanation been given why this facility has been withdrawn from this site? Looking today we have posters with equipment to sell and posters requiring similar for holiday purposes. Seems currently the policy of this site us that

Never the twain shall meet!,,!!

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PaulineHM in reply to Lol1944

Assume it is because of possible National ( U.K.) regs around equipment for prescription, the calibration of such and possible COVID ? It was possible a few years ago when POC’s were first available. I dont know when the policy changed?

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