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Lung Disease & Fatigue & Infections

Lung Disease & Fatigue & Infections

Today is a follow on post from my other post with regard Iodine Contrast used in some CT Scan's

Also i will be talking about Blood test TSH stuff Reduced Thyroid Hormone Due To Steroids As guys have feelings to ONLY Joking ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿

Men Women all same for purpose of this post.

As you will know from previous post I have not been to well i.e lung disease, fatigue, chronic respoitery infections - and on permeant antibiotics to name a few issues.

Like the say you tend to forget the BAD HORRID stuff WHITCH brings me back to subject of this post INFECTIONS & CHRONIC FATIGUE with regard lung disease.

As i have talked about this business with my Iodine Contrast CT Scan where i felt euphoric 5 mins after Contrast Dye was used NEEDED for there investesagation as i have never felt so great in time i have been so diseased .

Like i say you remember great times .. ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿

Looking into why i felt so great as took me up a few roads TSH is Thyroid gland i.e fatigue screening BUT is also responsible for making or converting Iodine & where your Immunoglobulin M Igm Antibodies are made then pick up Iodine then it is carried by your blood cells.

Is al very complex business i can only speculate given my own condition deficits.

I believe Antibiotics, Steroids & Gut inflammation all contribute to my thyroid deficits causing fatigue, weight loss, infection's and long term steriode use caused some form of thyroid deficiency and gut inflammation causes food absorsion issues BUT what can one do to help them self if you need steriods and antibiotics.

Rock & Hard place comes to mind. Then i remembered about iodine contrast ct scan i had AND that led to some interesting findings. Especially as a fatigued lung disease suffer.

(1) did you know new born babies the first thing in there guts is Iodine

(2) did you know the food additive E127 Erythrosine, FD & C Red 3 when in processed food cooked at 200c partly degrades Erythrosine releasing Iodine and is one of the causes of kids being hyperactive threw thryiode Iodine adrenaline interactions.

As with many I would agree hyperactive kids i thought might been a sugar rush is to be avoid ... but me being a fatigued Lung Dieased Sole would that E NUMBER processes that makes kids hyperactive help me.

Given my diseased state i have often wondered why i crave sweets a suger rush YOU even read others on net talk about is it a cancer suger crave.

Makes you think could it be oppersite

(3) Like Did you know they use Radioactive Iodine to treat and cure tyryiode cancers that have spread.

(4) And did you know that Kids Capol contains E127 Erythrosine, Iodine not that I think would do them any harm as the ill and parents would follow instructions

(5) Evan hemp cannabinoids contain iodine.

As always my post is just me thinking aload outside the box for my own purposes.

I would stress that anyone with concerns as to there condition should always talk to there doctors gp

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Wow you have some patience sifting through all that information...the mind boggles. I have Copd a and recently diagnosed under active thyroid don't know if there is any connection .


I do believe in checking to making sure your thyroid is working well when you have Asthma, COPD and Emphasema Jeanielee1.

(even other illnesses too, I'm beginning to wonder.)

I have been reading more connections of A,C & E to 'LOW thyroid'.

Having experiences with two Family members having COPD and Asthma and Low Thyroid.

One family member with diagnosed Hypothyroidism (Low thyroid), but not given enough prescribed thyroid medication & also having mild diagnosed COPD and my other family member having undiagnosed Low Thyroid & diagnosed quite bad Asthma since a child.

Both were put onto a good dose of vitamin D3+K2 and vitamin A among other vits and minerals and both now are being finely tuned (self treated) for thyroid. Doctors believe one size fits all, but each 'Low thyroid' patient or missed patient is different and all need individual 'tweaking' back into better health.

My COPD family member, no longer has so much breathless and the Asthma sufferer recently seems not to have Asthma and no longer has to use either inhaler. The preventer inhaler was causing chronic cramps and muscle pains and I am sure thinning of the bones. We later found the side effects of the inhaler could actually worsen Asthma symptoms. ???

Start 'Googlin'g Jeanielee1 ;) :)

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Dose make you think how much breathlessness illness is down stuff we are talking about here

My b12 was 250 under 200 is when NHS starts treating you for that rest of world even third world countrys accpt 300 to 400 as being low and will start treestment

Dose make you think as lot of what as been talked about dose and can make you breathless prone to infections

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You were very low in B12 bloods D3NIS good job you were were aware you were low, many do not.

B12 Deficiency often get confused with MS

and vitamin B12D mimics Hypothyroidism (Low Thyroid.) or you can have both.

Breathlessness can also be down to 'low iron.'

Hubby had Asthma and on top had breathlessness too, no iron tests were done, Doctor said he might have Angina and we were booked to see a cardiologist.

Thanks to a member's suggestion on Health Unlocked, we did our own home iron blood finger prick test and found he was under range in iron levels. Doctor said Hubby's low iron levels should have shown up in the Hemoglobin blood as iron tests were secondary, but it did not, I wondered if there was a connection with Hubby's low (but within range) 'Low Thyroid'

Both Hubby and I were in the grey area of B12 bloods so now supplement. Also vitamin D another one apparently 80%+ of us are either deficient or low in vitamin D, I was and did not know it.

Supplementing with an up to date recommended dose from the www.vitamindcouncil I was able to recover from stiffness when getting up out of chairs and bed, my hurting hips, no longer hurt, also vit D3 cure my (diagnosed,) Tailbone pain my Doctor said I would never cure, just have to live with it, along with curing my lower back, sciatica and restless leg pains too.


Defo agree on my blood test even tho my B12 was law and my IGM antibodies was low and my vitamin d was vanashing low my gp and reults said no action.

I asked doc how when then know all that it says no action

Still waiting for him to answer


Yes, your B12 was very low D3NIS.

Terrible how many of us are being ignored or treated by NHS medics. Maybe they are just not trained up enough to know, maybe the wool from Big Pharma is being pulled over their eyes too.

I am more scared of going to the Doctors than I am of going to see my Dentist. :)

Do consider taking a good safe dose of vitamin D3 D3NIS as many illnesses are connected with low vitamin D.

Ps. Also do check out the www.vitamindcouncil.


Thank you so much for your post, im only on 50mg thyroxin and im convinced this isn't enough I'm quite depressed...I've been chopping some of my tablets in half so I'm taking 75mg, I've also read that the amino acid Tyrosine 50mg helps the thyroxin work better .


50mg is quite a low dose Jeanielee1, I was started off on that amount.

I kept asking my Doctor to 'up' my Levothyroxine and to go by my symptoms not by the unreliable thyroid bloods. I felt great for a few days when the levo was upped, then I would fall back again with my Fibro type symptoms, tiredness and brain fog. This happened several times so I knew how it felt to feel 'normal' again.

At one stage I was asked if I was OK, I looked stress etc, (Yes because Doc did not want to up my medication and I would never be well again, no wonder I had teary eyes,) Doctor wanted to push me into having depression pills :O which is definitely a NO NO for thyroid patients, it pushes them down further.

On Thyroid Uk on here (Health Unlocked,) most of us ask our Doctors or receptionists for a printout of our latest bloods and their (important ranges) and pop them up on Thyroid UK for other members to check out. I too have learnt how to read the Thyroid and other bloods. Doctors look to see if you are in range or not, they don't seem to acknowledge illnesses that occur 'within blood ranges' which many people fall into, so they get 'missed' and brushed aside.

I read daily from patients on various HU sites that Doctors just don't seem to have a clue on diagnosing or treating thyroid issues, they all sing from different hymn books, the patients themselves learn more about it and know how much medication they need. How can a Doctor actually 'feel' how YOU feel. That's why relying on the unreliable thyroid bloods just do not work and it also depends on when you last took you thyroid pills, that too can exaggerator the blood tests and bloods fluctuate up and down during the day.

If we could find a Doctor that actually has Hypothyroidism themselves we would all be laughing.


Some very good points Coastwalker I guess we have all got to look after ourselves and keep pushing the Doctors xx by the way do you coast walk and which coast is it


Yes you are right, we do have to look after ourselves Jeanielee1,

Yes we do coastwalk as such.

We have walked the South West Coast Path which is from Minehead in Somerset, along the top North Devon Coast, all down the Cornish surfing beaches to Land's end then along the bottom of England to finish at Poole in Dorset.

SWCPath is 630 miles long, but doing inland circular walks to get back to the car more likely nearer 1000 miles.

Then we have just carried on meandering (walking and taking photos) from Poole to Dover to walk the bottom length of Britain.

The walking was easy, the planning challenging and we managed to get ourselves into several dangerous situations. (which we did not plan for)

Getting lost, despite a map and a GPS device, unexpected thick fog, torrential rain, deep mud, Long grass and stinging nettles over our heads and route ways barely passable, adders, rights of way with the biggest pig/bull we have ever seen staring back at us and being chased by cows, twice.

Luckily we survived ;) and it was great fun to do. :)


See this sheet for more info about dietary iodine: . Try eating more sea fish and milk products, or seaweed if you're vegetarian.


Informative, thanks.


Hi Daz I think a lot of conditions go hand in hand I had low b12 but I think the guide line before treating is to low in many cases


you make some interesting points with regard to iodine. I am hypothyroid and don't belong on this website except that my husband had IPF. The point about the hyperactive children is interesting. We have to think outside the box these days and take charge as much as poss for ourselves as the GPs are not what they used to be unless you are lucky and have one of the old school with great knowledge and experience. Cannabinoids need to be looked into too as there are interesting facts to be taken in which one is most probably not aware of. Last winter when I got the cold and everlasting cough my GP prescribed antibiotics and steroids. I read the steroid info and it said not to be used if patient has thyroid problem. You would have thought the GP might have noticed that. I always thought steroids were for more serious problems than persistent cough associated with a cold, like asthma attacks or polymyalgia etc. Maybe Bigpharma is paying big money as incentive to prescribe. Who knows.................. Of course just my thoughts.


I think steroids, like sterols (also known as steroid alcohols, a subgroup of the steroids) are vastly over prescribed, without proper safeguards being met by GPs.

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