Should I have the flu jab?

Should I have the flu jab?

It might seem like summer is only just on it's way out (I can still see a *little* bit of blue sky out of the window here in Liverpool) but it's already time to start thinking about your flu jab.

Vicky, one of our helpline nurses, has written a blog post explaining why it's important, who should get it and how.

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  • Thanks Vicky. It always helps to have the basic facts.

  • Went to my GP yesterday and whilst there the practice nurse came in with a bag of flu jabs and gave me mine on the spot. Apparently most of the eligible people in my practice have the jab. Why should I be different? By the way, I haven't used a tissue for a cold for about 50 years.

  • That's nice of Vicky! I always have one now, but I wouldn't dream of it for years.....silly me, I didn't know enough about it then, so any information will help everyone. Stay flu free everyone!! :)

  • Was reading this years is good en .. I wish it would been available tad earlier than it is tho.

    But it flu would not do it's work for government I guess if we got it tad early

  • Had mine on Saturday. Was getting my monthly bloods done and I just asked. So I feel ahead of the game this year!

    I am full of the cold now but - I now that's got nothing to do with it.

  • I had mine on Monday when I was having my bloods done. I refused to go to one of the group sessions my doctors runs. I was bad for three months after last years - almost everyone there was coughing or sneezing!

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