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flu jab

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not sure whether to get this or not. Have severe bronchiectasis and breathless on movement. Take Nacsys, an effervescent tablet which loosens the mucous and helps against infections. Any advice welcome. I am 88. Iris

25 Replies
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hello iris, I’m 87 and have had flu jab every year since they have been available. I also have bronchiectasis plus my little hairs in lungs etc that are supposed to waive about to get rid of germs etc don’t move, as result of condition I was born with, PCD. Have you had flu jab before, any side effects? I get bit of pain in arm, insignificant, compared with effect of flu. What does your GP think? Best regards, Jean xxx

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Pjmf in reply to Morrison10

I have bronchiectasis. I think the flu jab is very important. My GP brother even thinks I should get a booster in Feb, but I don’t want to recommend that. A friend’s 36 year old daughter has just been very ill in hospital with flu which can be as much of a killer as Covid.

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Being a bit dumb but what are effervescent if for sputum . Do you find it works I have copd and breathlessness thank you

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peege in reply to Spacecat1

Effervescent means fizzes in water, Nac-Acetyline Cystiene is prescribed or can be purchased in tablet form at health food shop - works just like prescribed Carbocysteine in that they help to soften lung mucus making it easier to expel

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Spacecat1 in reply to peege

Thank you.

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Spacecat1 in reply to Spacecat1

Sorry forgot to say I always have flu jab we always go to Boots.

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My husband has stage 4 emphysema and has always had the flu jab , had this years about three weeks ago with no I’ll effects . Yesterday the nurses were coming to give him the covid vaccine but it happened that he was particularly poorly ( as bad as he’s ever been ) and I thought I would leave it to the nurses to decide if it was safe for him to have . As luck had it the GP was with us when they arrived and he said that as he’d found no sign of infection he was happy for them to administer the injection . I’m taking this to mean that problems are most likely to arrive if there is already an underlying infection . Geoff is much , much better today so there certainly have been no Ill effects up to now 🤷🏻‍♀️

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I would have the jab if you possibly can Iris. We’ve already had ours and all went well.

Lots of love, Carole xxx❤️

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I would have it Iris if you haven't had bad reactions before from it. Flu has been around early this year and it would really set us back to catch it now. Very best wishes to you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Hi Iris. I do have bronchiectasis but manage it quite well. I did have the flu jab about 2-3 weeks ago (I usually do) but only mild sore upper arm. Unlike the other arm as i had a pneumonia jab. That DID give me some pain for two days but fine afterwards.

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Have you had issues with flu jab previously? If not then I wouldn’t hesitate. I had both flu and Covid jabs weeks ago. I always get flu jab as early as possible because my “danger period “ seems to be autumn months! Obviously having jab doesn’t stop me picking up serious chest infections from other sources but I certainly feel happier once jab has been done.

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Patk1 in reply to Bevvy

Yes Bevvy.i had covid+ flu jabs early Sept,hoping to help immunity b4 autumn/winter viruses .week later had another pneumococcal jab,as my antibodies deplete.x

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I also have bronchietasis +asthma and have always taken the flu jab. I see it as another tool in the armoury to protect my lungs from further damage. Xx

Karenanne61 profile image

I've had flu and covid jab (COPD/Asthma) with very minor side effects.

teenieleek profile image

Iris, unless you’ve had problems with the flu jag previously I would think it’s a good idea to have it. “Refuse nothing but blows” is my view.

watergazer profile image

if you’ve had the flu jab before without problems I’d have it as all the germs around seem to be stronger at the moment maybe because we locked ourselves away. Take care Iris. Xx

rosco59 profile image

I have Bronchiectasis and I have had the flu jab. I had no side effects. I think catching flu would cause me far more issues so on that basis would advise you to have it.

B0xermad profile image

Hi Lyd12,I am on nacsys 600mg effervescent tablets too also with bronchiectasis and had my flu jab last week, no side effects and was worse in September after covid jab so it's possible for you to think about it. Good luck

Digger0 profile image

Hi Iris. I am 71 and have bronchiectasis. I have had a flu jab every year since heaven knows when and have not had flu. Had mine 2 months ago.

Nula2 profile image

Hi Iris, I am 70 and have bronchiectasis, recurring aspergillosis and asthma. I'm on mucus thinners and have had all the covid and flu jabs. Think we need to protect ourselves as much as possible from any virus/infection around. Take care xxx

Timberman profile image

I have emphysema and bronchiectasis and I have the 'flu jab every year. It seems to work. Given that 'flu nearly killed my father at age 53 in 1963 I suggest it is to be avoided.

JJ_7 profile image

Hi Iris. I took my flu jab 4 weeks ago with only a sore arm as a side effect. Hope you have it as Flu can be just terrible. Good luck and good health to you x

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Hi Iris, I think you definitely should have the flu jab, the doctors are all predicting a really bad year for us all as we have all been isolating and have no immunity to flu. I have had a flu jab for the past 50+ years as I suffer with asthma and never once have I had a problem. A tiny prick and it is over. Please do not hesitate. Phone your doctor now and arrange for the injection. Take care, Maximonkey

Alberta56 profile image

Everyone seems to agree that it's better to have the flu jab. I have it as soon as I can, after catching flu one autumn while on a nice country walk with an infected lady. 🙃🙃🤪 xxx

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HI there ... I have Bronchiectasis, Asthma and severe Rhinitis besides various others ... I'm 70 and had flu jab in one arm and Covid booster in other arm ... ... had no I'll effects other than the usual sore arm from the Cov jab... I'm glad I had it done

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