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Been to see consultant i am to reinstate my salbutamol and atrovent inhalers (as during my chest being tight ive been using them and theyve helped) and im to have emergency antibioyics as well as steroids for home so i can start asap in event of infection starting . She was really helpful said i know my body and how i present with infections. However she would like to get me off steroids (been on them since dec) my peak flows down but my spirotemry are low but still normal range. For some reason im going to be suseptable to this bronchitis in winter she didnt know why. Management plan isnt much different to previous asthma plan but i see my gp tomorrow so will discuss further with her to see what else we can do. Thanks for advice xxxxjudith x

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  • Hi Tiger,

    Its good to have the emergency antibiotics as well as steroids for home , stops chest infections getting a grip. I have them as well and its a good thing, I live alone and its not easy when I'm ill and need drugs from the chemists. That's why I like the emergency supply. You just need to re order it then get it back to your home when your feeling better.



  • That's good,your meeting with the consultant went well.

    You're probably feeling more confident now,you can tie up any loose ends with the GP tomorrow.

    Breathe easy,love Wendells xxx

  • Thanks ....yes feel better will see what gp says later today xx

  • Morning Judith, Well that sounds like a good meeting with your consultant. Glad to hear you have got the emergency antibiotics and steroids - I believe they have stopped my husband from being very ill. On a positive note about four years ago my husband had the worst winter - similar to yours in hospital, infection after infection but hasn't been as ill since then. I was really scared that each winter would be the same but so far it was a one off. With a bit of luck it might be the same for you! Take good care, TAD xx

  • Thank you TAD oh dear poor thing at least ive avoided hospital. That gives me hope . I think i will have to re think work in autumn / winter (i mannage a childrens nursery so full of little bugs!!) It is odd that ive worked with little people for 30 yrs but only last few been problematic but i suppose thats just life. Thank you for your kindness love to you both Judith xxxx

  • As my wife is a teacher I assumed it was where I got all the infections.It,s not the case apparently.I asked the specialist at the hospital and she said the infections come from within us and not externally so the job should,nt cause problems.Good luck.D.

  • Interesting as both consultants told me that im in the wrong job for germs!!! Im now of the opinion in my case they dont know why i get them!!! Judith x

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