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Ordered my nebuliser today😊

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Recommended by GP to get a nebuliser so I can do saline nebs to help my lung clearance. To avoid the inevitable long waiting list to be dealt with by NHS for this, I took advice and have today ordered a Pari boy classic machine for myself, which will arrive ( postal strikes permitting) on Monday. I know not everybody gets success with these, but I am looking forward to giving it a fair trial. I can't have Carbocisteine as previous history of stomach ulcers. My mucous is the type you can hang wallpaper with so it needs some strong persuasion to leave the depths where it is nice and warm and cosy!!!! I have bronch on top of asthma.

27 Replies
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Hope your nebuliser arrives by Monday and you get on well with it. Pete has a Pari Boy SX turbo and likes it. Like you he has mucous you can hang paper with. He doesn’t get on with Carbocisteine either. Xx

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tthanks,sassy59, I feel hopeful and better for doing something positive!!! If I see another packet of Pred tablets from the surgery I shall scream🙃.........they hand them out like smarties. Yes, they help, but the side effects suck. Prefer more natural solutions.

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love your description of the type of mucous.

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It's what I tell medics when they ask 'and what consistency is your mucous?'😉

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my nebuliser was given to me by my Respiratory team . I never use it as it doesnt agree with me as it makes my heart rate go up. I take Carbosisteine and find them great. Wishing you good luck with your nebuliser. xxSheila

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hope it works 4u.im prescribed hypertronic saline.it does help thin it,along with carbocysteine.do u have techniques u use to get it up? X

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Patk1. The usual lung clearance of postural drainage and active cycle of breathing weren't shifting it much which is why GP has recommended a nebuliser! Still got to organise the prescription for the actual saline, have bought some online to be going on with. Just waiting for appointment to go back to consultant as asthma has gone haywire AGAIN. Xx

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Patk1 in reply to

i also find percussion helps, a lot,combined with acb etc.perhaps its time gor a review if asthmas unstable

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Husband refuses to help me with percussion ,and with arthritis in my arms & hands I have great difficulty doing it for myself!! I have tried though! GP seems scared to alter anything with my asthma meds as current ones were prescribed by the respiratory consultant, same with the practice nurses. They just refer me back to the consultant, so I wait months to get it sorted out. I spend my life on waiting lists🙃.

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ive arthritis in hands too.even gentle taps help.have u seen lung physio at hospital? If not,it is worth asking,& they may recommend a flutter device.all the best x

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Thanks for your reassurance, I will carry on doing my best to 'self percuss'!! I have seen one physio twice, then she admitted I would be better seeing somebody more experienced so I am on a waiting list to see somebody higher up the physio chain - they told me that would be a wait between 12 to 16 weeks due to severe staff shortages and the number of patients with long Covid also waiting to be treated. I really value reading all the lovely advice on this forum, and the Asthma&Lung UK advice line nurses have been a life saver. Xxxxxx

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Good luck with your nebulizer. Hope this loosens the mucus when you get situated with it. I used mine twice a day. When I feel like I am getting too congested or I have a persistent "rattle" in my breathing I have used it 3 times a day. Also I am trying some respiratory therapy exercises that I found on Youtube. All of this to meet the objective of getting the mucus out of there. Don't get lazy about it.

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Mickymoo in reply to Selagib_486

can I ask what is in your nebules. Saline or the stuff in inhalers

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it is 3% sterile saline solution. I already use several different inhalers, none of which are coping adequately at the moment🙄!!

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Mickymoo in reply to

same here. I'm on a 24 hour inhaler and the blue everyday one. Never helps. I have emphysema, what about you?

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. I have had asthma for over 40 years, getting steadily worse, then last April they found I had Bronchiectasis as well. I'm on Relvar 184/22, Incruse Ellipta, Qvar100mcg at night, and Ventolin too. The ones that are meant to last 24 hours just don't do that, but my consultant doesn't believe me when I say they don't.!!!

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Patk1 in reply to

i agree with u,they dont last 24hrs,nor do tablets like uniphyllin last as long as supposed to.poor do not being believed (( .worth waiting 4 experienced lung physio,theyre v good.hope u get on well with neuliser x

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Selagib_486 in reply to Mickymoo

I use Albuterol Sulfate Inhalation Solution, 0.083% in pre=measured capsule. Then followed by two inhalers- Encruse & another one.

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Good luck with your nebulizer. I have found Carbocisteine to work well for me. It is what works well for you that is important.

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Hope the nebuliser works for you. xxx

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Hello Captaincough.

I use Carbocisteine or Mucodeine 2-3x daily. (They apparently are the same ingredients.) I have Barratts Osophagus. Result of years of reflux. Not the same thing as an ulcer of the stomach but prone to ulcers and cancer.

I find these medications are fairly effective at breaking up the mucus and thinning it (not always though.) However not enough to actually clear it.

They do however rely on good hydration. It's wise to drink an adequate amount of fluid, preferably water.

I do however use saline nebs morning and evening. This helps with clearing my lungs more effectively. I do huffs and puffs after and use an Aerobika., a device to vibrate the mucus.

I have found 3% saline to be best. The 0..9% not so effective. A 3% is a bit harsher and can make me sneeze or cough occasionally but it's worth it if I have to stop part way for a swallow of water.

I considered buying a compressor but they need regular maintenance and I think they have filters.

My respiratory nurse got me 1 and all the equipment, there was no wait. I'm under 2 hospitals and both sets of physios are available to talk to and provide equipment.

Hopefully you will get similar support. All the very best.

in reply to pickingflowers4u

i am under a respiratory consultant, currently waiting to be seen again after he discharged me in March this year despite my chest still being bad. Here in North Wales our local health board keep getting put in 'special measures' and CEOs never stay long enough to sort things out. So I don't get the support I need, and waiting lists are horrendous. 90% of the time I only get phone consultations, not face to face. Thanks for your messages😊👍.

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Your GP could refer you to a Respiratory Consultant. There you would get specialist advice and support.

Just to reassure you the mucus I cough up daily is very viscous. Very like semi set glue, so I can sympathise. It's such hard work clearing, and can take ages.

But it can change, become wet and slimy at times.

You should really be having mucous checked occasionally. Especially if it changes from white (bronchiectasis) to greeny brown, which indicates infection.

Do ask about referral. Most GPS admit it's a condition that requires specialist care. All the best.

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hi if you have cough as its a nublizer try useing a mucoclear 6% to ease your cough and I'm sure there is carbasistine nublizer help open air wave sulbutmol 2.5 gm and ipatropiaum 2.5gm mucoclear 3% or 6% to help hope it gets better captain

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Hello I am not using any saline solutions, my use is Albuterol with a mix that dries up my mucus, which actually makes it harder to cough that out. BUT I use mucinex pills to help break that up and then I feel better. My lungs are so bad, like yours, my mucus is thick, and I am having to use my nebulizer every two hours, which is not normally recommended to do by most Pulminary Doctors.

I also find using Benedryl helps I use that one dose (pill) every four hours, it helps allergies which some of us with bad lungs are sensitive to even dust in the air inside as well as outside.

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Hope you get on well with your nebuliser and it helps with lung clearance. Best wishes

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Love my nebuliser and handy easy to use .Let us know how you get on with it x

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