Appointment next week

Got a earlier appointment to find out results of CT scan and have some skin tests done. I feel a bit better but think its as im still on antibiotics and steroids. Still got some pain in my chest and lung which is a bit draining but im feeling positive my gp is fantastic and ive got a new consultant whos done tests so no matter what is wrong i know im being looked after . Ive been to see my lovely horse today ...i whistle and she came galloping up whinniying such an uplifting moment her pal followed close behind her bless .

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  • Hi there tigershay1 I really hope you get some answers this week,you have been suffering with that constant pain in your chest for months now isnt it? Its a nice feeling to have faith in your medics makes the whole process so much easier all round and with a positive attitude like you have gives you strength of mind which makes a difference.Seeing MissEllie must have cheered you up no end how lovely for you.Takecare now tigershay1 :) Janexx

  • Hello Jane thank you for your reply. Yes seems ages now but hopefully know soon. Ah it was fab seeing her today youre so right it really lifted my spirits. You take care catch you soon love Judith xxx

  • Evening Tigershay, Glad you are feeling a bit better, and good luck with the CT scan results. Have crossed everything for you. all the best Nannyb xx

  • Good luck with your results

  • Wishing you all the best with those results tomorrow. :) x

  • Thank you x

  • I know that feeling Tigershay. I used to ride a lot. I often wonder if I'll still be up toit if I move back to my old haunts in Cheltenham this year.

    Magic moments :)

    Very glad you're being well looked after too. P

  • Thanks Peeg x

    Oh you should its great fun and keeps you fit hubby only started when he was 56 ...and id not ridden since i was early 20's ....mind coulfnt do without a mounting block now!!!

    Love judith xxxx

  • Bet that bucked you up no end, Much better when you have a understanding doc, All the very best with your resultsTake care,X

  • It does shes lovely . Thank you xxx judith

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