Hello everyone, I was wondering if there were many of us here with Obstructive Sleep Apnea? I recieved a letter last week telling me I had it and I am to attend an appointment at the sleep clinic on Thursday concerning CPAP treatment. A leaflet was meant to be in the letter but I think they must have forgotton to put it in. I looked on line and found some good information but I'm alarmed at the mask you have to wear, I think it looks like a bit of a passion killer...

I am pleased to say that I managed to get rid of the cold I had a few weeks ago without the need for antibiotics or steroids, I just kept drinking Elderflower cordial and Manuka Honey! I think this article is good it mentions Hydrogen Peroxide as being a component of the honey,thought you might find the Elderflower link interesting as well.....:)

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  • I don't think I have it, but am going in for a sleep study this month to find out.

  • I soooo want to try manuka honey but the price puts me off. I was tempted to buy some today but it was £12. 99, and the jar was not huge. Few years ago I cut my leg open quite badly, it just would not heal turned into an ulcer. Weeks later the nurse used a patch impregnated with honey within a week it had healed. I did wonder at the time why did they not use it in the first place. Hope all goes well with the CPAP therapy x

  • Hi Nixy, Holland and Barretts probably the best place to buy it-they often have buy one get one half price, or buy one get 2nd for 1p!!

  • You really need strength +25 but that is very expensive,my hubby says he will pay any price to keep me alive,bless him,you can buy manuka honey from,,very good prices and lots of offers if you buy more than one,I bought 4 jars and got 2 free.Never put boiling water if you are making it as a drink it destroys its goodness.It is natures antibiotic.I take it every day.Linda

  • Mine said the same so I'm treating myself to more on his account lol! Stay well Sooki :) x

  • I bought some in Aldi few weeks ago (10+) - can't remember exactly how much it was, but a LOT cheaper than £12.99. Hope you have a branch near you and that they have it in stock (things do come and go in Aldi)

  • An ex-colleague of mine has sleep apnoea and said he found the CPAP scary at first but that it really helped him get a good night's sleep at last.

    Hope it helps you too.

    koala x

  • Good luck with it,have heard its excellent,if needed,but a bit of time to get used too!!

    Love your picture by the way,that honey is a sure bet,but have never tried the elderflower,nor seen it here,maybe the health food shop stocks it? I will ask them,

    So glad you are feeling better,

    Love Wendells xxx

  • Thanks Wendells I love Hummingbirds, this one I did with a gold pen and pastel ! I am going to have a go at making some Elderflower cordial just as soon as the flowers are right,they have to be at their 'whitest' ! A good supermarket will have Elderflower cordial usualy 'with' something like lemon or apple, delish, I'm off to the garden with some now, remember like Sooki says let the water cool down before you add the Manuka Honey as it has 'live enzimes' :) x

  • Saved the hummingbird - beautiful thank you

  • Thanks Chris! :) x

  • There is a firm just down the road from me called the Bottlegreen company. They do a Eldeflower cordial and an Eldeflower presse which is slightly sparkling. You can buy it in Sainsburys, Waitrose and I think Tescos. They are advertising in the local paper for flower pickers so it must be the right time now. Keep smiling

    Carole x

  • Wow Carole, my friend Su came to visit me this afternoon and brought me a bottle of Bottlegreen, I just tried it and its gorgeous,she bought it in Tesco! :) x

  • Have used manuka honey off and on for years I think it is fabulous. The price is a bit prohibitive or I would use it all the time. But I can definitley recommend it. M

  • I have us ed a cpap machine for years! You are right it is a passion killer.

  • Perhaps I'll treat myself to some new sexy undies lol! :D X

  • Hi Hufferpuffer

    My husband has OSA and has had a CPAP machine for years. Yes the mask is a passion killer, but he sleeps so much better without it. (plus for me is the fact that the snoring stopped).

    He had a gastric bypass 2 years ago and bought some medical grade manuka honey online. Pre op, he would just have a small amount in water, post op he would have a small spoonful neat as well as some in warm water. His recovery was amazing! He was onto solid food a lot sooner than expected and with one exception, all his wounds healed really well. I would recommend you do some online searches - the high grade stuff is expensive, but if you get a lower cheaper one for regular use, that might be the way to go.

    Good luck at the sleep clinic.


  • I have had the machine for about 6 years , I use what they call a full mask which fit's over the nose and the mouth, or they have one that just fits over the nose, you can pick the one that suits you, I have adapted to my mask very well and could not do without it, it goes everywhere with me when I go away, remember its only a passion killer when you are awake HaHa,

    good luck at the sleep clinic

  • Thank you everyone for advise on manuka honey. Will have a look online as suggested xx Have a good day xx

  • Hi I have sleep apnoea iv"e been on CPAP for two weeks now it took several nights to get used to it starting to feel benefit of it now

  • I love your name....Have you watched Dune ? I love the bit when he says ''The sleeper has awakened''! glad you are feeling better sleeper :)

  • Thankyou

  • Thank you everyone for making me feel better about the OSA, I feel like I'm in good company! it will take some getting used to all right! I don't think I snore loudly but I have woken myself up in the bath a few times! I'm reading lots of information and its all realy interesting! apparently THC is good for OSA! :D LOL! time for some DIY in the garden ( if I don't do it who will! )

    The O2 is helping me though,I didn't get a concentrator but lighter bottles so back feeling better....loving the sunshine,hope everyone is getting some ;) x

  • I'm on my way to Sleep Clinic now to see what treatrment i need....

  • Hope it all goes well for you Mrs Shimmy, good luck! :)

  • Likewise, I am due to go to a Sleep Disorder clinic next month. I am looking forward to going because truth to tell I have not had many good nights sleep for a long time. I had a triple by pass four years ago and still have problems with angina and left ventricular dysfunction. It is because of my continuing cardiac problems that my GP felt that I should have an investigation done. Bless her, she has put me forward to a number of tests to try and resolve these and other issues.

    I had a bad experience of a CPAP mask when I was in recovery after my operation when my left lung had collapsed. It is still bit hazy but it felt like water torture (I was not well). I did get the impression that the nurses did not seem to know how to use it, they were more confused than I was!

    I am willing to try it again if I can get a good nights sleep for more than one night at a time. Everything I have read has convinced me that sleep apnoea can be responsible for a lot of heart problems caused by a failure to breathe.

    So far I have completed a very comprehensive questionnaire which also included one with a tick box. It said if you answered 3 out 8 with a yes you probably had sleep apnoea. I got 6!! The next stage is to pick up a an Oximeter to wear for a couple of days and the a week later go to see a consultant with the Oximeter. They the decide if your get an overnight stay

    Oh by the way, When I had my bypass I had an infection in my chest wound (not MRSA) and was given Manuka Honey on the scar. Later when I was discharged I was given a tube and a prescription for more. I am confident that it was responsible for helping a quick recovery, us diabetics take a long time to heal!

    I have not tried to take any honey orally since I am Diabetic, too much effort to compensate with insulin!

    All that are going to the clinic, good luck, just look forward to nights rich in sleep!



  • Hi David,it sounds like you have had a very tough time of it! I'm glad you have a good GP looking out for you,good luck with the clinic next month,let us know how you're doing and take care,hugs,huff x

  • Haha! good advice! I will do! glad its made a difference for you Stitch :) x

  • Oh honey!

  • Where would we be without the bee's!!! xxx

  • How do you know if you have a sleep disorder if you live alone?

  • From what I've read so far, you feel sleepy or tired during the day, wake up gasping for air several times during the night, dry mouth or throat, snoring, wake up with headaches,low sats,mood swings and irritable, lots of people dont know they are suffering with it!

  • Hi ive just been diagnosed with obstructive sleep aponea and have to get a CPAP machine tomorrow morning i`m a bit worried about it all to be honest hope it works out for you

  • Hi Brambles, I hope it works out for you 😃 I hope this post I wrote a couple of years ago helped a little. When I got to my appointment it turned out I had received the 'wrong letter' the letter should have said I was to have a lung function test.

    I know how worried I was about it all that's why I wrote the post so I'm sure you are feeling like I did and I hope it will all work out well, so many people feel so much better for having it.💗 huff xxx

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