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Chronic biofilm bladder infection


I have finally been diagnosed after 10+ years of battling with this awful condition. I cannot explain the relief of having a medical professional acknowledge the problem and being able to offer a cure 🙏 However, the NHS clinic that the professor uses as his base to conduct vital research is being threatened and without the clinic and a successor all of his patients will be back to square one with nowhere else to turn. Please can I ask you to read the link and sign the petition to keep the clinic open. It is vital that this amazing clinic is open to help existing and future patients and ultimately change the way our GPs treat the condition:

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Hi jude6

I've signed and shared on Facebook

Rosie 😊 xx

Jude6 in reply to rosie-2015

Thank you so much Rosie! Xx


Hello there. I’ve been told I most likely have IC but so suspect a chronic infection as white blood cells, blood and protein were found in my urine and antibiotics have also helped to clear the symptoms (very briefly). I’m booked in to see the Professor but have had to do it privately as I was told they couldn’t take NHS referrals at present. I’ve signed the petition. 10 years of suffering is abhorrent, the NHS are a disgrace sometimes! Xx

Jude6 in reply to Hidden

Going to see the Professor was the best thing I every did. I too had to see him privately but it was worth every penny. You’re doing the right thing, he’ll tell you as it is. Pleased for you you’re heading in the right direction 😊 xx

I have signed

Hello I have signed x

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