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Bladder prolapse operation

I have recently been diagnosed with an irritable bladder which I have been taking Vesicare tablets for for nearly 2 years! I also have a bladder prolapse which I am waiting to speak to a consultant about regarding an operation. I’m a little concerned about all the publicity regarding the mesh that has caused so many women a lot of problems. Has anyone had this done and were the results good or bad? How long is the wait and recovery period etc?

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I have had a TVT (tension-free vaginal tape) sling (which is actually made of polypropylene mesh, so please don't let them tell you otherwise) implanted, and it's caused many problems including severe pain and fibromyalgia. I was never told that it could cause these issues. I am due to have it removed in 2018. There are other options other than artificial ones, you are within your right to ask for these. If you want more advice and support, go to Sling the Mesh blog or Sling the Mesh on Facebook if you use that.

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