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LVDD (Left Ventricle Diastolic Dysfunction) - Diuretic/ARB

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I am from India aged 51 yrs. I got my CABG done for single artery (LAD) 6 months back. Post surgery I developed breathlessness and could not walk out for two months. Though i consulted many doctors only one doctor gave me diuretic Torasemide 5mg and that helped me to walk as my breathlessness improved by 30-40%. Still Life has been very miserable due to breathlessness. Even though my EF increased from 46% to 64% in last 6 months, there is nothing to cheer about as LVDD is a permanent damage and it has lead to Heart Failure. This is termed as HF with preserved EF. I am on Clopidogrel, statin, and Ivabradin. Doctor prescribed Entresto but could not take even for 3 days as I developed breathing difficulties. I have to convince my doctor to give me an alternative to Entresto , some ARB would do. As I am on Diuretic ( Torasemide) my BP is low 110/70 and above this it is challenge for a doctor to prescribe ARB as BP might go further down. Any one facing such a challenge ?

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Hi, I had a HA last Oct at 47, again a full blockage of the LAD. Quite lucky to have survived, EF was reduced to 30%, since then had my MRI , significant damage but the EF has improved to 42%. I am on entresto 49/51, and low dose of Bisoporal 1.25. They cannot increase the dosage as my BP is around 100/62. But I am not so breathless, I am able to my daily routine normally andctake long walks and short runs. I hope it improves over time.

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you must have developed collaterals and that is how you have survived. Even I had 100% LAD blockage, but went for bypass which i feel was not necessary. Good to see your EF has improved. Hope your echo is normal. I could not tolerate Entresto.

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