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We want to hear from you about the impact of coronavirus on heart patients


Hi everyone,

Last week the BHF launched a survey to understand how people with heart and circulatory disease have been impacted by the pandemic.

Have your appointments been postponed or cancelled? Are you receiving digital care instead?

We'd love to hear from you, take our survey here: bit.ly/3as0MBx

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I attempted to join the panel, Helen, but kept failing the password test. Can you help? Am I already on the panel? If so, I'm clearly unaware of my password, and can't seem to successfully reset it.

Helen_BHFAdministrator in reply to RuthSE25

Hi there, we've now replaced the survey link here bit.ly/3as0MBx

This should work, any issues do let us know :)

I wanted to take part in the survey but apparently I don't qualify. I had angina last year and an angiogram showed blocked coronary arteries, so I had a triple bypass in October last year. The initial diagnosis, medication, angiogram, echocardiogram, discussions with consultant, arangements for the operation and the operation itself were all done during the pandemic. Amazing! The only negatives are : there's no cardio rehab happening in my area and my follow-up appointment with my consultant surgeon has been postponed twice because he's redeployed into Covid duties. But overall, I have nothing but praise for what the NHS has done for me. I wanted to record my experiences in your survey.

I tried to take part and apparently I don't qualify. I had a heart attack in June 2019 and have been diagnosed with severe heart failure and had an ICD fitted in January.

Good morning Helen,Have taken the survey that was not a problem but it wouldn’t except my password and it wouldn’t set a new one, have not received the email with the information I need so definitely need help.

Hi, Helen.

It is 6 months since my heart attack and I have had no support from my local surgery apart from 3 monthly blood tests. Covid has stopped the rehab exercise program which I understand but I feel I have just been left to get on with it. I was already on a heathly diet, I am type 2 diabetic, and used to walk a lot.

Luckily I live in Wales and so many great walks from my doorstep. I have learnt a lot from BHF forums which has been a great help. Thank you.

Yeh - seems I don't qualify - - -

Hi, I have FH which has resulted in CHD and PAD, 7 stents one bypass. November 2019 I was diagnosed with need for urgent AVR which was due within 2-3 months . 13 months later, in December I finally recieved the op. I have no rehab advice, except from BHF and will have a post op telephone call from the surgeon on 22nd March. I am still waiting for further tests for an operation on my decending aorta to remove a blockage and increase the bloodflow to my legs so that I can walk more than 50 yrds without pain. Regretful that I don't qualify for your survey.

I don't qualify either :(

MichaelJHHeart Star

Slightly puzzled as this thread popped up as a recent one. I will try to take the survey tomorrow. Things have been incredible variable with a combination of face-to-face appointments (all with appropriate PPE), telephone appointments (some should definitely have been face-to-face and others never happened) and others lost in the ether (echocardiogram and diabetic retinal check). So very variable!

What 'heart patients' are you interested in?

Brixcos in reply to TRST

Obviously not most of us. I don't qualify despite having had a HA, CABG and family history of heart problems.... Disappointing, like most people I have relevant and recent experiences to share 🤔

TRST in reply to Brixcos

Yeah, I (genuinely) ticked multiple boxes - 12 in fact, and was told I didn't qualify. So perhaps it's best to make it clear up front exactly WHAT type of heart patients are suitable?

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