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Check ups after Heart Surgery

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What is the normal time scale to have a regular check ups with your Cardiologist once discharged from Surgeon. After MVR/ASD surgery I was advised to have an annual echo by my previous Cardiologist who also informed my GP. Now I am with a different health authority after moving house and was told at my last appointment - I would be seen 3 yearly due to the busy demands on their department and urgent cases.

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I had my second AVR in November 2017 and I’m on yearly check ups. I have had them yearly since I was diagnosed with a heart murmur when I was 16, apart from a few years when I first moved from Kent. It even went down to six monthly when they realised my new tissue valve was leaking. I guess it depends on what health authority area you are in and I do know others who only have checks every two or three years. I would suggest speaking to your GP if you are concerned.


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Frenchi in reply to Fredders

Interesting and thank you. I will speak with my GP and hopefully I can get annual check ups.

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Rosanna75 in reply to Frenchi

Hi Frenchi

For my experience too it should be yearly.

The hospital were I done my MVR is different from the one where my cardiologist belongs but I emailed him and he kindly arrange an appointment for me

I didn't want to change doctor as I knew him from 4 years and I had a good experience.

Double check as I am positive you shouldn't wait 3 years.

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Frenchi in reply to Rosanna75

Thank you so much. I will contact my previous Cardiologist and hopefully can arrange to see him. After 4 cancelled appointments I was seen by the Cardiologists Registrar whom insisted all medications had to be stopped immediately after reading my ECG (no echo was done). After this I had arrhythmia and had to go back onto the medication 4 day later. I still had no echo for 2 years and eventually saw the Consultant and I was surprised when he told me I

didnt need to be seen for 3 years. My previous Cardiologist was insistant on annual echo to check the valve repair and he even put this in writing to my GP.

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Rosanna75 in reply to Frenchi

It sounds like a good idea to contact your previous cardiologist....even if you might have to travel far, but a piece of mind it is more important.

Sometimes we all have to be very assertive and demand what we know and we think is best.

I had already 2 open heart surgery despite my relatively young age , I am 43.

I learnt that sometimes you have to fight with a lot of negligence even though it shouldn't be like this.

There are lots of excellent doctors out there and we can't let them go away.

I wish you all the best.

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