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Blood in urine


Can I ask a personnel. Question was at Aand E yesterday passing blood in urine second time this as happend first time 3 weeks ago was discover had a infection don’t no how I got it it was not a sti cleard up with antibiotics was told the blood in urinecojld be a result of taking aspirin and Clopidogrel together anyone else had this problem would be grateful for aby help in this matter

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MichaelJHHeart Star

A friend with "watch and wait" mitral valve issues has had similar symptoms; occasional blood in urine and repeated infections. A PSA test showed elevated levels and he is now under urology. If you have not had the test done ask for it today.

Blood thinners can cause problems and these may need changing if they are the cause.

Yep had that done prostate is. Small and soft psa was very low been to drs this morning gave sample all clear results back from lab all clear yet still cloudy found links to aspirin being a strong piss along with Clopidogrel in fact a lot of forums r saying it just don’t trust dr Google thought others may have had it there’s been no infection return just cloudy with odd spot but this morning no blood no cloudy but sent off for cultura

MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Disciple5451

If it is a UTI it may be difficult to shift. My friend's GP had to try a few antibiotics to clear it and it was the same for another friend's mother. Good luck!

It was a uti 3 weeks ago had 3 samples sent to lab all came back clear just cloudy uribe if I drink loads of water it goes away but still going to much and mornings it’s clear rwo hours after taking meds it’s back

Hi, don't be alarmed, but I would suggest you have a peek at the Bladder cancer group blog. I've had a similar blood in urine problem which turned out to be a growth in my bladder's wall. Good luck and get well.

Disciple5451 in reply to LenC

Thanks ken just what I wanted to here lol. Mine as gone away and was only due to infection all bloods have come back normal white blood counts normal now. Had urine come back from lab normal consultant said she’s that convinced it’s just the infection and as the cloudy urine comes and goes and as been tested. 3 times in the lab all normal yesterday my gp checked it one more time and it was clear so she did so e checks on the meds both aspirin andclopigrel can cause it. Had none since life 3 weeks consultant where I work said same thing thanks for reply

Hope ubr sorted and cancer free

Yes I had blood in urine about a month ago thought it was caused by excess coughing by ramiprill which I had been on for years blood it was a side effect antibiotic it cleared GP changed me to Losartan was ok for 3 weeks have now got blood in urine back GP referring me to urologist..queer I only have it in morning ....also take apixiban at night it also states red coloured urine can be side effect?.. been taking apixiban over a year now ....GP has taking urine sample for testing awaiting results...glad you brought this issue up ...please keep in touch ... Also just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes GP not really concerned about sugar levels so no extra medication...thankful for small mercy.....keep well

Disciple5451 in reply to Zezee

Thank u so much for ur reply I seem to be okay now dr is pleased with all my lab tests think health wise I’m okjyst these pesky palpitations over 2009 a day had monitor that came back as benign etopics put it down to stress with what I have gone through this year and it’s a lot I do hope they sort u out


if you look at the paper that come's with the clopidogrel it is one of the side effects that includes nose bleed's an about 50 other side effect's

I did but still wanted to make sure just interested if anyone else had it not on them no more dr switched me to metoprolol 50mg 3times a day just get dizzy on them but that’s ok

I am still on Clopidogrel I get muscle pain feel like I have a throat infection chest pain feel weak Brain fog and nose bleed's now and then and joint pain.

Seems the meds can be worse. Than the compliant I’m only on it till next June thankfully I give anything to get rid of these. Palpitations even thinking of going private but all the test ssynothing wrong

It was 75mg I think it’s to much as well think they r trying to stop the palpitations. My body is stable it’s never been high 105/65 orrery much constant pulse 65

So sorry to hear I only take Clopidogrel and aspirin vit d and the metoprolol so not to many drugs if I could stop these palpitations I be back to work in a flash having to spend my saving now lol

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