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Urine test contained traces of blood

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Just been for routine 6 month blood test with urine sample. First one since starting Warfarin. Was told that it’s being sent for further testing as traces of blood but that happens sometimes with Warfarin but checking for infection. Had blood tests last week due to starting Furosemide and that was fine. Is this anything to be concerned about please as obviously won’t get any feedback until after the holidays.

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the medicine you are on is a blood thinner and it can cause the blood you mention and also it can cause bruising of the skin with little bleeds.

it could also be an infection known as uti i have had loads of these.

the only time to worry is when you are passing lots of blood i mean your urine has turned red then it is time to go to a+e. also uti can be nasty and painful.

i was in hospital for nearly a month and lost count of how many people i saw pouring blood through catheters and surprise they were on blood thinners.

best thing is to keep a close eye on the situation your doctors are doing the right thing checking.

i have been in this situation myself so know how you are feeling, all the best,


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Thank you so much - reassuring! We will obviously hear from the doctor when results are back but don’t feel so worried now -,thanks !

My partner has regular urine samples taken and tested, she's had numerous Uti's in the past, there is sometimes blood detected in very small amounts but nothing serious.

She's had a suprapubic catheter for 4 years which is flushed daily with a weak citric acid solution. I'm meticulous with hygiene to avoid any problems, however, some time ago, I notice blood in her catheter tube and her urine was tinged with red in the bag too.

A call to 111 and the usual conversation "is the patient breathing" etc. When I'd managed to explain the problem, I was told a doctor would call. 15 minutes later, a paramedic phoned me and said an ambulance was being sent, an hour later, they arrived. One fully trained paramedic, one trainee.

Eventually the trainee decided it wasn't anything to worry about and quite normal, then proceeded to lecture me on calling ambulances unnecessarily!

Well, I'm not usually lost for words.....

My partner is on furosemide, and spironolactone, and 40+ other drugs a day with very few problems over the years, but she is checked regularly.

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Thanks very much

I had blood in my wee went to Drs and dr sent a two week urgent referral went for my apt and told I was to have a cat scan had the cat scan and then 2 weeks later saw the urologist had camera up my bladder urologist said I had a very healthy bladder and the cat scan came back healthy he blamed clopidogril. My dr also sent a letter to cardiologist and the reply was secondary blood thinner and that when cardiologist saw me he would decide whether to take me off clopidogril saw cardiologist said to come off the clopidogril but then he sent a letter to my dr. Had a query and was told to see my dr which I did dr told me your on clopidogril and rivarauxaban 2 x daily which was wrong,dr said he was going to have to get in touch with cardiologist and he would then get in touch which he did and cardiologist told dr I had to be on clopidogril to protect my stent. So why did he tell me to come off. I do know that you can't see the blood in wee sometimes until it's been tested.

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