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Smiling at adversity through gritted teeth


Hi my fellow hearties, hope you’re all coping ok with the heat. Now that I’ve calmed down somewhat I’ll just share my week with you all. It’s been a mixed bag for sure. As I’ve previously posted, I have a moderate to severe leaky mitral valve, heart failure with an EF of 38%, and ischemic heart disease ( reversible perfusion defect in inferior wall and apex) so I had an angiogram on Wednesday to be told my arteries were in good shape ( fantastic!) but that’s now closed the door on stenting the damaged muscle or cabg etc. So back to the drawing board and waiting to see my consultant, but dealing with the realisation that there probably isn’t anything they can do apart from medicate. But it could be a lot worse. Then I got a call yesterday from the Dwp to say they stopping my esa as of yesterday because after my assessment they think I’m able to work ( my gp signed me off as I’m self employed with a very physical job and to mind what I’m doing as I’m at serious risk of a heart attack, until all the tests are done) hm! I can’t claim any benefits as the wife works full time and we have some savings grrrrrh! We both worked all our lives. Anyway, deep breath, relax, things could be worse. I first went to the docs in January with breathing problems, after weeks of realising it wasn’t going away, and had X-rays tests for copd. I’d lost my mum in December after looking after her for months so thought i could be run down etc. The doctor rang me on my birthday and said he was going to arrange more tests as he wondered if it might be heart related. Bit of a shock but a few days later we booked a holiday as we thought that having something to look forward to might lift my (our)spirits . Yesterday i the travel insurance rang to say they couldn’t pay out as I should of notified them about a potential illness that I might be diagnosed with in the future so I’ve kissed the holiday goodbye along with the £54 for the doctors letter. So just be warned to always read the small print and not take it for granted your covered. I said I hoped he had a lovely weekend and to spend his bonus wisely. Insurance is fantastic unless you need to claim on it. Rant over, I apologise for going on, but it’s off my chest now! You’ve got to laugh 🤔

Off to see two of my daughters and my two granddaughters now, 😁 bye for now Jez x

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Have you applied for pip it's not mean tested

Hi Vonnie thanks I’ll have a look after my next consultants appointment, thing is I’m not fully diagnosed yet, more tests to come yet, thanks Jez

Pips is to do with every day living Like distance you can walk with out getting out of breath Do you need help with daily tasks etc Don't think you need exact diagnosis

Ok thanks again I’ll have a look

Your welcome

Sorry to hear about your Mum. What a horrible time for you, and so upsetting to think that the organisations designed to help you when you're down (DWP, insurance etc) can't do anything for you.

I hope things are resolved for you in time..In the meantime, enjoy the summer with your grandchildren 😊

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Thankyou Jane for your kind words, we had a lovely time and they certainly cheer things up, so I’m very lucky in some ways. Hope you enjoy what’s left of the weekend 👍🙂

Appeal it esa. I did it took ages and I had to go on jsa but it worked once they looked at my appeal.

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I’ll give it a go then thanks, nothing to lose so to speak. Sometimes it feels like you are penalised for working your way through life to me. Thanks for your input and all the best to yourself , Jez

Hi Jez sorry to hear you are going through such a traumatic time. as Gal says you should appeal. It would appear that Their default position is to turn down first applications (unless you are severely ill/disabled and incapacitated). So it’s really important to appeal even though it will be arduous! You may want to contact citizens advice as well. They have a lot of experience in dealing with stuff like this. Do take care and hope all works out for you. Zena

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Thanks very much zena and gal I’ll take that onboard , it’ll give me something to get my teeth into and let you know how I get on, thanks again to you all on here , I get so much strength kindness and encouragement from you,jobs a good un as we say around these parts , bye for now Jez x

Best of luck with everything. I got my travel insurance with the Open Travel group policy of the Women's Institute. If you have a wife / female partner at same address she can insure you, as they don't ask medical questions. But there are several provisos.... not covered if terminally ill, or against medical advice, or in order to have treatment overseas. Clare

Hi Clare thanks very much for replying. I have read before on here about the wi, I’ll certainly give them a try when they give me the green light to fly again. Thanks again Jez

Hi, when the assessor talks to you re PIP don't look them in the eye, l was refused twice because l made eye contact and smiled at him, he deemed there was nothing wrong with my mental state even though at the time l was severely depressed, very weak and insecure. .Also make sure you tell them you need assistance to go to the toilet at night. You sound a very positive person so try and keep it that way, my best wishes are sent to you, take care. Sue x

Hi sue thanks for your advice, I’ll bear that in mind and I’ll try and stay positive, although they do try they’re hardest to grind us down. Thank goodness for all you kind people on here, best wishes Jez x

Hi Jez I am sorry to hear all your difficulties. Keep pressing on... I would appeal and try to get help from citizens advice to appeal your ESA they can help you complete the paperwork. We got turned down for ESA to appealed now waiting for court date. When you answer questions must answer ALL questions as if on a bad day. You need to ring ESA and ask for a MANDATORY RECONIDERATION and ask for assessors report to be sent to you. You must use those phrases. Hope all goes well as previously said they automatically turn down eveyone. All the best

Thanks for your input and I wish you well with your court date. It makes you almost feel like you get penalised for being too honest. I will bear in mind your kind advice and let you know how I get on, thanks again and all the best Jez

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