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Recovery Time after Stents Fitted

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Hi, Joined the community after my 66year old partner was diagnosed with unstable angina and had 3 stents fitted. He has arthritis of the feet so can not walk far or fast but loves gardening. Stents were fitted a couple of weeks ago and he is champing at the but to mow the lawn, weed etc. He is not impressed with my efforts! Find he tries to do too much the feels exhausted and had soreness in the chest. How long is it likely to be till he can get back to mowing the lawn and what work can be do to exercise and stop him fretting? Any advice welcome as doctors didn't say much.

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He has to build up to it a bit at a time. I would speak to his doctor about it first though.

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MichaelJHHeart Star

Early days yet. Might be worth checking if he can be referred to cardio rehab?

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ChrisI1 in reply to MichaelJH

We are going to a cardio rehab session the week after next. I am hoping this will help as he can be rather stubborn and although worried I do not think he has faced up to the difference this diagnosis will make to our lives. Thanks for the advice.

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Atky in reply to ChrisI1

Hi I had 4 stents fitted in September last year. He has to be patient and take the advice from cardio Rehab. I did 8 weeks Rehab and by the 4th week I was doing regular exercise and slowly getting fitter. I am now able to play golf 3 times a weekend walking 35 to 40 miles per week.

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Brokenheart19 in reply to Atky

Thanks Atky it’s good to hear that you have returned to “normal”. Being patient Ian it something many of us are good at!

Being fit before cardiac problems appears to mean (from the forums at least) rehab is more effective.

My husband had HA at 47 ran 10k at 50 having never run before and a marathon at 52. I’m a gym bunny doing boot camps and classes and had HA 3 weeks ago. Looking forward to cardiac rehab and getting back to what will be the new normal. Resting and doing little and often seem to work too!

I echo that of the others, your hubby is going to need to be patient. It takes time, and it is a matter of slow and steady wins the race. Mowing a long is a lot of pressure in the chest region so early on, speak to your cardiac nurse, go for walks little and often

Hi Chris, please don't let him do to much at first. Rehab is deffinately what he should do even if he can't finish the course.

I had one stent fitted in January, after unstable angina. I am fit, in the gym at least twice a week. The biggest problem is the initial acceptance that you have a heart problem and how lucky you have been. Then you have to watch as you slowly heal, and it is slow, that you don't get carried away with your daily activities or exercise. Put it simply you over do it and it will come back and bite you for 2 /3 days after where all you do is sit in a chair and rest.

Getting used to the medication is a challenge on its own. Talk to your cardio care team, they are fantastic and have heard all the woes before. They not only guide you through the healing and adaption process but are always there for your smallest question

Good luck and enjoy the sun

I have a young persons heart condition but have been told to Build up stamina slowly. The stunt recovery time for me is 6 weeks according to my cardiologist. I feel a couple of weeks but walk but not run or play sports. I’ve been feeling tired for years cos i have a leaky valve so my recovery time i feel is for my normal not urs.

Thanks to everyone for all the advice. I have passed it on an stressed that he must be patient.

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