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Recovery after stents

Hello ladies, 8 weeks post procedure after emergency admittance with unstable angina andhad 2 stents put in.

I am going to doctors next week to review medications, I am not sleeping great awake for a great part of the night, whilst I don’t feel anything like the exhaustion or shortness of breath I had before I still get tired and am limited in the amount I can do. Anyone out there who is say 6 months or a year post procedure does it get better and do you start to feel normal again and able to do more everyday things and get about more, I suppose we are all individuals and maybe I am expecting too much. Have also had some “outsiders” say “ “it’s only angina I know someone who was doing 5 mile walks after 6 weeks” feel like saying “what would you know”

So basically I hope eventually to get my life back (as it was a couple of years ago) and get on with life, the doctor did promise me “I will get you back to a normal life and you can live your life again”

Am I being too sensitive.

Lynne x

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Lynne, don’t listen to people that have not been through what you have. Just having stents put in puts a strain on your heart. It takes time to recover, I don’t know if you qualify for cardiac rehab but it is a very good way to aid your recovery, ask your cardiac nurse. My hubby had his HA Oct 2016 and had 5 stents put in. It took him a long time to recover, physically and mentally. This site has a lot of knowledgeable people to answer your questions. Spring is coming so look forward to brighter days to help your recovery.

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THanks for this, I am. On week 3 of 8 of my cardiac rehab programme x


Ditto to what Bazmack48 said 😊

I, like alot of people in this forum have been through it. Yet evan I can't give you guidence on how long your recovery will take 👎

So don't listen to negative people, they are not part of your recovery. You only need and want positive people in your life from now on. Life is for living & it's way too short for negative 👍

You may not have had open heart surgery, but you did have heart surgery when you think about it. Also, if the sergions hadn't of inserted those stents. The likelihood is that you would have gone on to having a heart attack in the very near future.

If you rush things, as they have probs told you at rehab. Then you will just mess up the work the surgions have done.

Now then, your body getting used to the meds you are now probably on. Could be having an effect untill your body fully excepts them.

Also, it is still early days after the surgions have been messing around with the arteries around the most important muscle in your body.

Muscles anywhere in your body need time to heal after an event. So of course you need to realise your heart muscle needs time to rest in order to heal.

How slow or fast that happens is different for all of us. There really is no set time.

This person who walked five miles a day, well bully for them. Sorry, that sounds mean, I really am glad they are doing well.

But they are not you, that is the point of it, we are all indervigual.

I had to walk more miles than that a day a couple of weeks after my heart attack and stent.

It wasn't because I was some kind of supper woman. It wasn't clever ether.

It was because my landlady told me on the phone while I was in hospital in the middle of my heart attack. That she was selling up and she had the date my fella and I had to move out.

I had to pack everything while he was at work. Evan though I was told I wasn't meant to lift anything heavier that a mug if tea.

I also had to search online for properties for rent. Mentally draining.

Most landlords wanted daytime viewing. Therefore I had to do the viewing for most of them as my fella was at work. We need the money niw more than ever due to the move.

I easily covered between 5/14 miles a day doing that.

Then to top it all my work was breathing down my neck for progress reports. They didn't come and see me, I always had to go to them.

But of course they were concerned with my health/wellbeing? (Yeah right)

I had also asked to be fast tracked onto the rehab as I felt I needed to recover faster than norm, because of my non understanding company.

So that was another 12miles in total each trip to the hospital once a week for rehab.

I had the heart attack 22/09/14

After walking miles and miles each day viewing properties.

I finally found our property on the 06/11/14

We moved in 14/11/14

So that will give you an idea of the physical and mental exercise I did so soon after my stent.

So do you think I was the fabulous supper woman?

Or do you think, not by choice I might add.

That I was just plain stupid?

I would say the latter.

I should never have been doing all that. I gave in to the presures put apon me by others who thought they knew best. They thought they knew it all of what I should be capable of, but they knew nothing.

I could have made myself seriously ill and I did to a point. I could have had another heart attack from the strain and stress of it all. After another admission and talking to a senior nurse. It is debatable that I did indeed have another event. The consultant didn't comment on the nurses beliefs.

Never let people presure you into getting back to it. You listen to your own body, not their minds.

My advice, follow what the rehab guys advice you.

1 . Short, little and often walks. Resting and elivating legs often.

2 . Get up and jump around when the tv adverts are on.

3 . Do light housework.

4 . Find out what stage of the BHF dvd you can follow

5 . Take up a new hobby.

6 . If you can walk a little further each walk without feeling you are over doing it, then that is great. You should be able to talk clearly when walking. So if you can't and you feel too breathless. Then just slow it down a little. Maybe sing while walking to test your breathing. Then you wont be worried people think you are talking to yourself lol!

7 . Drink lots of water, keep hydrated.

8 . Never spend to long sitting around. When you do get up, do it slowly. Try to stretch out your body keeping muscles warm and loose. Then you have no chance of ceasing up.

9 . Try some relaxation techniques. If you are having trouble sleeping, Check your diet. Check if you have done something, you are listening or watching something, or are thinking of things that keep the mind stimulated. Then use the music and the techniques you have learnt to clear and relax your mind.

10 . Keep a diary of:


Physical exercise

Mental exercise

Sleep patterns

Aches pains

Events of concern

Dates, times and period of event.

This way any future paramedic, your Gp and consultant will always have a history for their investigations.

Always keep copies or documentations of what you hand over to members of the medical field. Just so you have medical records for your own viewing too.

So I hope there is some advice from my exspireance in there to help you realise, you are doing well.

Just listen to your body and mind along with the medical profession.

Don't forget if you are not happy and a bit concerned with what a medical professional tells you. Then talk to them and share your concerns.

If you are still not happy, then ask for a second opinion.

Take one step at a time, then like your doctor has said, you'll soon be back to you again with a strong (((💖)))

Best of luck in your recovery and very best wishes to you. Jo 😊


I just wanted to say that I have recently read a number of your replies to people's questions and I think that both the advice and comments that you make are excellent and well written. Thank you.


No I thank you 😊

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Thanks Jo good kind words x


You are very welcome 🌝


I have had a heart op 5 months ago and I still feel wacked and out of breath and get unusually tired where my sleeping patterns don’t exist.


The first statin they gave me kept me awake for most of the night. You might want to discuss your sleep issues with your GP or cardiac nurse.

Give yourself a bit of time. This is all a big shock mentally as well as physically. You will indeed get back to normal life.


Thanks everyon for you kind words and advice


That’s just it! Most people don’t understand what we are going through. Recovery is different for everyone. It’s a total shock on our bodies and we just want our lives back. You aren’t being to sensitive!!

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