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Travel Insurance

Just looking for some advice really. Due to fly to Spain on Easter Sunday with my sister in law who has been having chest tightening since Christmas she’s 49. We haven’t yet got travel insurance for her as she’s having tests, has had an ecg and due to have an angiogram, we’re waiting for an appointment. She’s been given a spray by her doctor. I’m thinking she may not be able to go as most insurance companies won’t quote if you’re awaiting diagnosis, has anyone any advice please considering we only have 2 weeks before we go? Thanks

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Hi Diane06. Despite imminent Brexit, your good old E111 is still valid under the EU arrangement for reciprocal healthcare. Insurance companies see undiagnosed illness as a much higher risk because they have difficulty in quantifying outcomes and costs. So your assumption regrading difficulty in getting a quote or it being eyewateringly expensive is probably correct. Having said that, BHF have I believe a section on this site regarding holiday insurance listing contacts for companies more likely to insure your sister in laws risks. I guess you need to determine if travelling is really too risky, given the symptoms. Hope you find a solution and enjoy your Easter break.


Ian Gordon is correct, your E111 is still valid for a while yet. If your sister is due an angiogram, there is clearly a suggestion of some sort of cardiac issue. I think I’d get her to talk to her GP before making any firm decision on whether to have your holiday or not.



Hi DIane,

have a look here,

Also as Steve suggests get her to talk to her GP, even about what to declare on the travel insurance questions

good luck



You don't say which part of Spain that you will be visiting but I can assure you that the Spanish National Health Service is equal to if not better than the English NHS, I know this because I live in Spain and both myself and my wife have been hospitalized and required major operations.

Please check the details of what the E111 covers as it may only be emergencies.

I have just taken out an Insurance supplement to cover myself and my wife whilst on a cruise and I think that it's quite reasonable for the cost €23 for me with Arrhythmia and an ICD fitted and €25 for my wife who is awaiting a hernia op.

I won't put the company on here but message me if you would like details.


Thanks for your replies. I think I'm fine about her receiving treatment if she needs it in Spain but concerned if she needed to be repatriated we definitely need good cover. If we haven't heard anything by next week we need to speak to her Dr to see how we answer the medical questions.


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