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Good evening. I recently had a pacemaker fitted and thankfully I'm feeling so much better. I am due to go on a family holiday to Portugal, therefore I contacted my current Insurance Company (travel insurance included with Lloyds Bank Acct) in order to update them of my medical situation. I have been given an annual quote of £350, which appears extortionate!!!!! Any advice please.

Many thanks in advance

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If you look to the right of this page there are several posts on travel insurance.

I’ve had a PM since 2007 and I went to Florida quite a lot. I was with Virgin and a yearly policy was around £150 pounds. I haven’t been on holiday in the last couple of years but that seems a lot for Portugal.

They are taking advantage of our misfortune.

The fact is, we are safer than most, as we are being treated for our conditions.

I bet it is rare for people on our kind of meds to actually get sick when we are away. Tippicle greed 👎that is all it is, greed.

If some companies can do it for a reasonable price. Then why can't the rest of them. I guess they have got to line tge topdog's pocket somehow.

Good luck on finding a reasonable insurance 😊😊


I also checked and the only company that seemed to respond to my search was an eye watering basic of £1097 annual along with with 2 further up to £1570!. Even my bank which issues a years free cover said they would need detailed info prior to agreeing cover.

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Try this thread, £350 is taking the Michael. I just renewed mine, as a couple for £140

Hi pacemaker 1

I am 82 years of age with PM fitted last year. I searched the web for Insurance and have been quoted (for 2 people & two weeks) under £200.00

Try the web. Best of luck & have a great holiday.


Just make sure you disclose everything as you do not want to give them a reason to not pay out. I am in a group insurance where you don't have to declare pre existing you just have to be for to travel by doctor but that is still £195 p.a. but I get my Mo yes worth as I travel several times a year. Good luck

Hi Heather. What's a group insurance please?

Hi Heather. Just as a matter for interest what medical conditions have you that you'd declare IF you needed to, if you don't mind me asking.

I have a pacemaker and have mild ischemic heart disease and take statins. I have also had a few gastric problems I would have to declare.

I am a member of the W.I. which only costs £41 for a year and is a social thing met loads of new friends and got involved with lots of social activities. They have a group insurance with Open Travel on the basis I described worth joining W.I. for. They may do policies on an individual basis on same terms 08002218800 is the policy admin number you could try giving them a call

Many thanks everyone for your kind advice and recommendations.

Heather can you please confirm if the group insurance allows you to travel abroad.

Many thanks.

It is an annual policy which covers worldwide including USA. I have travelled to USA twice and China and go to Lanzarote a lot.


Many thanks for your kind recommendation.

It's usually cheaper if you add a partner. The companies dont like lone travellers with health conditions for obvious reasons.

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