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A little update

So I reached the 6 month anniversary of my CABG this month and I was glad to see it. Followed shortly after by my 48th birthday, again something I was glad to see. But things are still not great, still dealing with ectopic beats, some days worse than others. The last couple of weeks if been getting occasional aching and discomfort in the chest along with other odd symptoms. My BP is only slightly up but I have noticed as a trend it has risen since the bypass gradually. I'm a tad concerned of course, I mean I felt I was almost at the point of using GTN last night to see if it helped but part of me held off.

I'm now chasing the cardiologist as I have been waiting to hear for a month about a possible stress test. Guess what, no one had even looked at it! The same old story, you get seen, fobbed off with a bunch of promises then it disappears into a pile and you assume it's being dealt with as the weeks pass by. Once again I feel let down by the NHS and if I hadn't chased today I'm sure it would be months if at all before I heard anything.

I hope one day this health stuff fades into the background so I can just live again.

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Hi ccwh70,

I am so sorry to hear of your latest troubles.

I was advised post my bypass to not use the GTN spray, why don't you give the BHF a ring and have a chat with a heart nurse 0300 330 3311 for some advice.

The issues you are having plus the care you certainly are not getting isn't helping your condition, I hope someone pulls their finger out for you and you get sorted soon



I too had trouble finding out the results from a stress test, was constantly told by the specialists secretary that the results hadn't been looked at. When I did eventually see the specialist he told me that he had reviewed the test results within a couple of weeks and sent his recommendations to my GP. Try seeing your GP and ask him if he has got the stress test results.


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