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I'm not one in a million - i'm one in one billion four hundred million

Hello all , i recently have had more scans and more appointments regarding my open heart surgery and what exactly is wrong and needs to be fixed.

I made an appointment with my doctor on the cardiatric ward to have a chat- she told me that as well as being born with mitral valve regurgitation i also have a cleft (slit like hole) in my posterior leaflet - this is very rare and only 4 other people have been recorded to have it.

using that info i worked out that the world population is approx 7 billion

4 people recorded + me = 5

7 billion divided by 5 is one billion four hundred million

thus i am one in one billion four hundred million

:0 wow

big news for a 17 year old eh!

i am otherwise really healthy and will live a normal life up to and after surgery - it is simply to prevent problems from occuring in later life.

thanks for reading my little update

Cheska xx

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One in one billion four hundred million is pretty cool! You should get a t-shirt made :)

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That means you are special 😊

Keep us updated on prep for the opp. Also it would be good to hear your progress post opp.

Hugs of happy days are sent from Jo πŸ‘

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