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Bradycardia - had enough, going round in circles



My heart rate usually runs in the 40's but can be often in the 30's - as recorded in hospital and via machines.

I am a 37 year old Mum and have had suffered from episodes for years, ranging from needing atropine to boost me after a procedure, to excessive yawning, greyness, sweating and hairs standing up on my arms. Family say I can so pale I look grey. It has taken the last two years to see a cardiologist and have had various recoding devices, the last for 28 days. I usually fill them up within four days but the last one we are awaiting results for.

My question is what to do. I am trying to track down a specialist in bradycardia. Some days I have energy and others, like today I can't do anything. It is affecting my work and family life. I did a hard cardio class for an hour on Tuesday (and I have suffered with yawning and lack of energy since). It also seems to affect my digestion system.

My questions are:

1) Are there any UK based specialists in bradycardia?

2) Do others have a link with tummy problems/fullness/distention/bloating (I have had seven hernias operated on in five years)

3) How do you cope with the extreme tiredness. I feel useless and there is so much I want to achieve in my life! It affects work, money and family.

4) One cardiologist said he would put off giving me a pacemaker because of my age - I really don't know what to do and feel like people think the tiredness is in my head!!! Sometimes I can't function and then it feels glorious to have energy again.

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I too suffer from low resting low heart rate and it’s always in the low 40s with occasional drop into the 30s but unlike you I feel fine - no tiredness, no nothing. Maybe your symptoms are not related to your heart rate.

cbelle5 in reply to Rosie1066

I've had thyroid test and that has come back normal. I have eptopics and pauses at night. I am pretty fit and active (have run half marathons before) so I am not sure what else it could be? I know on the days I have energy how wonderful that feels - I don't want to give up exercise but feel so rubbish after this week's class. I am only 37, surely something could be done as I am so young for PM etc. Does anyone know of any cardiologists who specialise in this area?

Hi if you have had many hernia operations. Are they hiatus hernia? 🤔

The vagus nerve runs through this area and one of its jobs is to regulate and control heart rate. If the vagus nerve is irritated this could affect heart rate. Similarly if the general area is irritated it can cause gastrointestinal/stomach problems.

I'm not an expert but hope it helps.

cbelle5 in reply to BigT2013

Adominal hernias I’m afraid and I’m not overweight so wondered if it was digestion being affected.

I also have bradycardia which makes me feel tired, so i do sympathise.

I'm much older than you so.....

You could ask BHF for the names of bradycardia specialists in your area. Also you can contact a Regional Heart Centre for their recommendations. (My nearest is the Heart Centre at Leeds General Infirmary.)

Wishing you all the very best


Thank you and much appreciated for your advice x

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