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4 weeks post triple CABG

Hello everyone. Today I am 4 weeks post op. In some ways it feels like a lifetime ago and others just yesterday. Given everything my body has been through I cannot believe how well I feel and actually, at the risk of being too modest, how well I look. My BMI is 25 (something it hasn't been previously this century), I'm out walking more or less everyday now and its totally pain free; I'm back in the kitchen doing some of the cooking (albeit with assistance, I still can't lift anything heavy, but I can peel, slice, dice and stir), I'm off all of the painkillers, and slowly life is beginning to feel a bit more 'normal' or perhaps more accurately 'new normal'. I know its still early days and not everything is at it should be, or I want it to be. A good night's sleep remains something of an unrealised dream, I still have lots of little twinges as a result of the op, I get tired more easily than was the case before, it still takes me too long to get dressed in the morning (I will never get back the hours spent putting on and taking off the loathed compression stockings), I can't drive just yet and, by choice, I'm still alcohol free (although red wine is increasingly easing its way into my subconscious mind). But given where I was, these are minor inconveniences

So not looking for any advice today, just sharing a milestone. Have a great day.


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Hi lovely to read such an upbeat post, well done you, you can have that cheeky wee glass of red to celebrate, onwards and upwards tc char x


Well done Steve, it sounds as if you are still doing well. I am 5 1/2 months post op and now wish I had kept some kind of journal to track my progress although I did post on here quite a lot as I found it quite cathartic.

I agree re those blooming socks!! I also remember having to use my 'hug' pillow when getting up off the loo, bed and settee!! :-)

I wish I had been a little more careful with my food as I lost a lot of weight before diagnosis but then had a stroke which killed off my enthusiasm, I will have to start again and hopefully get back into the good habits.

You will get lots of aches and pains, I went 6 weeks and was feeling great, saw the surgeon who discharged me and was given the go ahead to drive again. I then had weeks of pain (oh how it hurt) but after stopping and starting moving again all eventually worked out.

Life is good (so much better) post op just take each day at a time and as I always say listen to your body.

Onward and upwards!!

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Thinking about it doesn't the scriptures say to take a little wine for the heart's sake!! ;-)


I confess to not putting any store in the scriptures, but I might make an exception for this one :-)

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Actually I think it is for your stomach's sake but I am sure it is still medicinal!! ;-)


Sounds like you're doing really well, lovely to hear it :)


Good to hear your doing OK Steve, onwards and upwards.


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