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Post CABG update

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Hi all and thank you for all your kind words before.

I ended up having a quadruple bypass on 17/06/22 still a massive shock a 7 hour op then sedated for another 3 hours came around about midnight intensive care for 2 days a bit of a blur a part from great staff, 4 chest drains out and (😳😳) then on to a ward for 4 days great progress and home, where I’m doing ok.

I’m now on day 12 and fell so much better, I think the worst bit was the coughing, I’m still in some pain and so on but I can’t believe how well I look and feel following such a big op. I’ve hit the mental health barrier now and had to buy an Apple I watch to track my stats, ht rate and rhythm to make sure it’s ok because I can’t tell if my chest pain is my heart or the op stupid isn’t it but I know this will clear. My leg is causing me pain where they harvested a long vein from I don’t think keyhole is all it’s cut out to be.

I get tired quick and everyone wants to visit but still it’s nice to have friends. I know it’s now just all about getting well again which will happen a bit at a time.

I’ve told my wife I’m going back in to hospital as the scar is far to small for all this 😁😁😁.

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Dear Jako999

Thank you so much for continuing to share your heart journey with us and the help it will give to not only new comers on here but a few of us “older” hands.

It’s very important that outcomes {be it good or not so good} are talked about and discussed, the is because even if we have the same procedures done as each other, the outcomes can be completely different.

I totally understand that after the intense pressure that it is to have a bypass that you wish some “your time” which you need to re-balance and reflect on just what has happened to you.

Please remember that your loved ones have also gone through something that they probably don’t understand and have their own problems dealing with the emotions that it has thrown up.

You will mend physically, mentally you have had even more of a bashing, this is truly, I feel were this site comes into its own.

No one’s story is more important than anyone else’s except to you and your loved one, because yours is unique to you and them.

Let us help more if you need us, I would not hesitate to ask you for help now if I needed it.

Take care you are in my {and many others} thoughts.

Hello :-)

You are certainly doing very well and you were in and out quick to :-)

I am so pleased you have had it done and doing really great already

You will feel tired this is very early days so pace yourself listen to your body it will let you know when you need to rest , don't do to much and no lifting arms above the head etc

Great to read such a positive post :-) x

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Gardener_55 in reply to BeKind28

Can I ask how long you had yo wait for the operation as I only found out last week.

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BeKind28 in reply to Gardener_55

Hello :-)

I suppose in some ways I was lucky as we were in the mists of the pandemic and yet I only had to wait 4 months which is quite good but there again I had 3 heart attacks in the space of 4 months to and when they had done my angiogram the surgeon did say I was near heart failure so they wanted me in as soon as possible

I did only get the date though I was going to have it done a month before

Did you ask how long they expected you to be waiting ?

If not and you get a chance to ask I would but be assured if they thought you needed it done asp you would be in now and not even have been allowed home to wait

The waiting is worse than the operation I think so I hope you do not have to wait to long :-)

Just looked on your profile and Welcome

I was surprised to see you had pneumonia which I had in Feb 2019 before I started having my heart attacks first one Oct 2020 but when I had that one they said did I know I had one before they could see it on the scans and I did not know and I always say I think it was when I had the double pneumonia I could have had it , I was in Intensive care in so much pain before I was rushed in I would not have known if I had a heart attack or not

Let us know when you get your date to go in :-) x

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Gardener_55 in reply to BeKind28

Will do thanks

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BeKind28 in reply to Gardener_55

:-) x

Hello Jako999, so glad you are home and on your recovery journey. Be kind to yourself take time for yourself and your loved ones. We are all hearties together! I hope you are in touch with your cardiac rehab team. They will provide lots of support. As has been mentioned the physical recovery is so very important, but so is the mental one and for some of us including me that has been harder in some ways. I have my one year 4 x CABG anniversary in September and I am still finding my way some days. I think the biggest learning for me has been to give myself time and not expect to much of myself. I wish you an ongoing amazing recovery and take care. Judi

Your story is very similar to mine , I am quadruple CABG and now 10 months post procedure. I also have an apple I watch to keep an eye on my health . I am in the gym 2/3 times a week plus golf a similar amount and apart from the odd twinge and numbness where the mammary gland was harvested , I feel healthy , blessed and enjoying life .

But it all takes time and one gets tired in the first 6 months , it’s all about managing your rehab and listening to your body , we have all been through major procedures.

But stay positive and enjoy life

Good to see your humour is still intact. 😊 Best wishes for a quick and uneventful recovery.

Hi Jako999,

I'm really pleased to hear that you are doing so well. Keep on doing what you're doing! I'm sure you've been told to listen to your body - oh how true that is, but it will soon pale into insignificance as you regain your former health and then continue to make improvements.

Keep busy with the things you love doing (obviously subject to your physical ability) and enjoy life. I found just sitting in the garden looking and listening to the creatures out there so therapeutic. Keeping positive and looking to the future is key.

With my very best wishes,


Praying for your full recovery soon.

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