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Psoriatic Arthritis, Breast Cancer and Cosentyx

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Has anyone had a diagnosis of breast cancer with the condition of Psoriatic Arthritis? So far, so good. . . I made it through the surgery. ONCO test results were low for recurrence, Score of 18, and now referred to Radiation Oncologist. Rheumatologist has given the go ahead to start a new biologic medication, Cosentyx. I have been on Enbrel, Humira, and Cimzia over the last 18 years. So, believe me, I NEED it! The symptoms are back with a vengeance. Ceased the injections back in August 2018 upon diagnosis. The last two months have been pure pain. At first, she said no biologics until 5 years cancer free. . . I'm just wondering if anyone has had this same medical situation. I am 55 and the type of cancer I have is invasive ductile adenocarcinoma, hormone receptive, HERS negative, Stage 1A. Worried about the radiation treatments and my skin, (it is super sensitive), and damage to other vital organs that get exposure. Thank you in advance for any feedback.

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Not the same type but I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. 4cm mass, nodal involvement, grade 3 herceptin positive. I have just started chemo plus herceptin. Mixture of 4 drugs altogether. I have had to come off Humira and Cellcept but have been told the pertuzumab and trastuzumab should have the same effect. 6 cycles of chemo then surgery, more herceptin and probably radiotherapy.

Good luck xx

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