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working with this nightmare Psoriatic Arthritis


Hello all hope we are doing not too bad,

just to find out if anyone has trouble working, I have worked as a chef for the past twenty years,except up until over a year ago.

I have not worked since and have made various attempts to go back part time, but have not been able to as i have lots of trouble with my ankles,wrists,fingers,and back, and when you work as a chef there is a lot of standing involved and using your hands.

i am really not coping without money, which is having a big effect on my well being, I am currently on jobseekers allowance, the job centre are of no help at all, and still expect me to work as a chef, while i really do think i should be retraining to do something else.

if anyone has any advice i would be very grateful, really dont know where to turn to or ask for advice.

cheers all and take care James

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I work as a carer its very difficult and painful..i live on zapain every 4 hours whilst at work..and i work on a 4 on 4 off rota as everyday would be too much..its agony to work but who pays the bills if you dont..its a vicious circle..iv applied for pip been turned down before so we will see..i have psoratic arthritus with chronically high inflammatory markers..osteo arthritus..asthma..tinnitus..its a struggle i feel your pain.

But you are better to keep moving if you can..x

Modjim in reply to Eileen01

Hi Eileen,

must be very difficult working in agony all the time, i feel your pain, it cant be nice.

i have tried some painkillers but they dont really do anything for me, i currently take tramadol,and am on sulfasalazine from the hospital.

i totally agree i do my best to keep moving, as if i stop i think i would give up.

do the zapain help at all, i have never heard of them?

I hope you get some rest after your work, all the best and thank you for your response,

James x

Hidden in reply to Modjim

Please google borax and arthritis. I found that most sites discuss RA and OA, but not PA. Well it worked for my PA and has kept it in remission for a decade!


Modjim in reply to Hidden

oh cheers i will do, thank you

Zapain are like a strong co codamol..i take methotrexate for joints....take it easy james..hopefully it will get better soon..x

I work full time in a bank (probably because I’m too stubborn to reduce hours). It’s painful and have just started Otezla which plays havoc with my stomach. I’m on pregablin too. It’s hard but I feel if I stopped or reduced my hours I’d get worse quicker . Hope you find something soon xxx

Thanks for your response Sarah, yeah it is difficult, im getting in touch with a disability advisor soon so i will see what they say. have a great weekend james x

Sarahd1609 in reply to Modjim

Hi James. Don’t forget whatever job you get to get occupational health involved to make sure you have the support you need to do the best you can without compromising yourself xx

Modjim in reply to Sarahd1609

Hi Sarah, that is a very good point one which I will use, I think there is a lot of help out there if you look for it, I always do things off my own back but sometimes i do think i need a little help sometimes, thanks again

James x

Hi, Modjim, I am sorry, You need to contact S.C.A.R.T. or Citizens Advice, You cannot live without money, They will be able to help put you in the right direction, I am sorry for your recent experiences with all this pain, I have had this for 20 years, and all they offered me was 20-year-old drugs which did not work in the beginning, Nothing new. I hope you do contact these people they will help.

Modjim in reply to jax53

hi jax53,

thank you for your reply, i will contact the references you mentioned, i dont really have much luck these days, seeing a disability advisor tomorrow if they are available, they seem to be never at my local job centre for some reason, sometimes i think they are mythical creatures.

They gave me sulfasalazine i think they are about 70 year old medication, i stopped taking it waste of time.

I have appointment with Rheumatology so i will see what they say,

cheers Jax, best wishes James

jax53 in reply to Modjim

I have taken those for the last 20 years, they stain your clothing and your urine,

Don’t take methotrexate. It won’t help and very bad side effects. Just take care of your diet, stress and digestion. Fruit vegetables. Avoid gluten, starch and lácteos.

Search about gut help in internet

An homeopathic Doctor will help

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