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Beyond Psoriasis
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Can anyone help please?

I have had AF since 1994 following pneumonia. For the last 4ish years I have been on Verapamil; Digoxin and Warfarin which seemed to keep me pretty well balanced, apart from the usual blip occasionally. I also have psoriasis, only on the palms of my hands, and recently agreed to have PUVA treatment. I was given a choice of Psoralens tablets to be taken 3 hours pre treatment each visit, or 'soaks'. To save my time at the hospital I take the tablets but 1 month in my INR has dropped dramatically to 1.3! which means that apart from going 20 miles to hospital twice a week, I also have to have my INR tested every 5-6 days .

Just this morning I read the pkt of Psoralens and they contain Magnesium stearate; could this be the reason for my dropped INR levels, I wonder?

Any comments gratefully received. GranJan

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