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I am brand new to this I'm I'm 36 and newly diagnosed with Psiaratic arthritis. I literally feel I don't know a thing about this condition apart from how it's affected me already.

I am about to start my first ever dose of methotrexate which scares me to death, I've been very emotional about it.

I'm actually in 2minds weather to take it tonight or not as I have a 12 hour shift tomorrow. Any suggestions?

Also would appreciate any advice or info anyone is willing to share I feel so alone.

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Hi Mrsweb so sorry to hear about your diagnose,and although I don't have exact condition as yours,I have ancolysing spondylitis it affects spine and all my joints I know how u feel especially in the beginning after being diagnosed with lifetime condition which doesent have a cure.i didn't try the medicine u r prescribed so can't tell u about it,I m on painkillers for a year now and one thing I found gives me some relief is excercise and walking.i tried humira but didn't work for me as a result I have for five months now palmoplantar pustular psoriasis(for which ironically in other people humira works but not for me),

the point is we r all so different so something which works for someone doesent work for everyone.hopefully u will find what works in your case and once u get into a routine u will find it much easier to continue with your life despite the pain and other difficulties .sorry for long reply but I usually start new treatment on the days when I don't have any obligations and I know that if I don't feel good at least I m at home.this is just a small tip from me but in any case I wish u the best outcome.kind regards


Humira is biological treatment for different conditions of the bones and skin if u don't know about it


Thank you so much for your tips and kind words. I love excercise do it's something I'm going to get back into. I hope you continue to improve too


Hello Mrsweb. I'm so sorry about your diagnosis. I know MTX sounds scary. I was so greatful my rheumy started me on milder drugs..... I have been takeing milder meds since Nov 2014, and guess what? My disease has progressed.....I can not use my hands now....he doesn't kinow if it is RA or PSA.....I am sick and tired of my rheumy telling me I have a mild form of either disease...I am now demanding MTX at my next appointment on June 13th...Please try MTX and I hope it works for you.

All the best



I too have been on milder Meds for such a while trying to avoid methotrexate but my hands have got worse and it's really viable now and the pain getting unbearable.

For ages I was told it was mild and I believed it which I think is why it was a shock to be put on these Meds. I actually haven't had a clear diagnosis from the specialist as he didn't know if it was rheum or psoriatic but my rheum nurse confirmed it.


Hello Mrsweb,

sorry to hear of your diagnosis. There is a lot to learn but one step at a time, you'll pick up a lot of useful information over time if you're so inclined.

I guess I'm a bit late with this piece of advice re. Mtx, which would be to take it in the evening before a day off, just in case it doesn't agree with you 100%. If you have had any headache or extra fatigue, nausea etc. then you could always wait a little more than a week if necessary before your next dose in order to wait for a day of the week when, hopefully, you'll always be able to slow down for 24 hours afterwards.

Something rheumatologists don't seem to mention that often is that you need to keep well-hydrated on Mtx i.e. to drink water regularly every day. That can help considerably. I was terrified of my first dose too but I've now been taking Mtx on & off for over 4 years and I can honestly say I feel fine on it. I do hope that turns out to be the case for you too.

Sounds like you have quite a hard job with those shifts but exercise is really good for people with PsA. You may not be quite up to running a marathon but relatively gentle and regular exercise can help reduce stiffness and pain and also, strangely enough, can help with PsA-related fatigue.

I'd say that no two of us are the same. My PsA came on like a car crash but I've done really well over the years, though it has been quite a journey & quite a steep learning curve. I don't experience much pain these days and I'm pretty active & busy despite PsA and some PsA joint damage. It's such a scary diagnosis but PsA can be managed.

Wishing you all the very best.

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Not too late decided not to take them before work took them last night and have 3 days off now. I'm more worried about nausea I think and I just hope fatigue doesn't get in the way of my career. I'm a student nurse. I plan on increasing my water intake thanks for that. I hope you continue to improve too


Mrs web sorry you've had to join the club. I would take Postls advice, I certainly wouldn't take it before a shift.

Hope it works for you, see your doc about folic acid for the days you don't take mtx.

Regards Mike


Hello Mrsweb. :) I have PsA too, and started mtx at the beginning of March. I was also terrified. But it has made a huge positive difference to how I feel - my pain has dropped by about 80%, my swelling and other symptoms are better, and my energy is coming back. I have had some side effects - mild nausea and extreme tiredness. For me, the tiredness doesn't kick in until about 24 hours later, and lasts for about 24 hours. But if I'm busy, I can push through it... Though perhaps that's because I was undiagnosed for years and got used to carrying on despite feeling exhausted and unwell?

I'd say you should definitely give mtx a go, and you'll probably be ok with your 12 hour shift... It's important to find a pattern that works for YOU - some people prefer morning, some bedtime; some prefer to take it at the end of their working week, some at other times... You need to stick to taking it a fixed day so that may be difficult if you work shifts... But if you find it works for you - it can take 12 weeks - you won't mind the tiredness, because it won't affect you as much as the uncontrolled symptoms did.

You might like to search for my previous posts in the NRAS group ( ), because I've posted quite often and you'll be able to see my 'journey' over the past 6 months, from being ill and miserable, to starting to get my life back! :)

Good luck! And don't feel alone: we're all here to answer your Qs and listen to your rants and give you support if you need it. :)

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Oh and you may like to come and join us on the NRAS board, where there's a friendly crowd and a few more folk with PsA :)


Hi everyone thank you for your replys they are very much appreciated. I decided not to take the Meds before a 12 hour shift. Instead I took them last night as I now have 3 days off. Thanks to all the advice I took them on a full stomach with a lot of water before sleep. I've got to say I was expecting the worst. But on waking I feel fine apart from a very slight headache so I am relieved. I still anticipate that I could feel tired later but I think the worst thing for me would be nausea I find it hard to function when I feel sick.


Well done you! Sounds like a really good start! Let's hope you're one of the many who have no probs with Mtx .... and that it helps loads.


I'm also starting on methotrexate July 13th...don't like the idea of it but without the help of prednisolone at the minute I couldn't walk..but I don't want to be on prednisolone all the time..but has been a must as I can't take ibuprofen or's never easy is it lol...have been in so much pain and only started March 2015...I actually thought my new couch was hurting my knees to start with lol..never heard of psoriatic arthritis even tho iv had psoriasis for about 30 this group has taught me so sister was a CQC. And a nurse and now works in a doctors surgery she says take the methotrexate it will here goes will keep u posted when the time arrives...xxxxx


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