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Psoriasis treatment OTEZLA


There is a treatment for plaque psoriasis, nail psoriasis and arthritis psoriasis called OTEZLA but it's so expensive most working folks could never afford it, is there a government  program to help us pay the nearly $12,000 a month treatment for psoriasis ? I can't believe there's finally a treatment for all forms of psoriasis and it's financially out of everyone's reach. PLEASE HELP 😩

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You can try treatment in other countries like India

Where are you , Lafleche?  I thought that the price of those drugs was about 1/10th that. 

Hi there. In what country do you live? I dont have a cure but have a product that is way cheaper and has helped a lot of people with psoriasis

I am currently on Otezla and it is about 1200 a month. It is helping a little with the psoriasis and Im hanging a bad flare up with the arteries right now. Only been about 2 months so I will wait it out a couple more months and hopefully something improvez. Any one else taking Otezla for psoriatic arthritis?

My psoriasis has almost gone after eating tiny raw garlic corms with my meals. I swallow them whole to avoid the smell and taste. I think they help to build up my auto immune system and so help the skin to develop again more normally. I have also been using Cetraben cream night and morning for six weeks. I have heard one can buy oder free garlic pills and I may try them when the garlic in my garden runs out.

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