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Plaque psoriasis



I live in the U.K. & suffered with psoriasis for 30 years. I have it on my arms, legs, back, bottom & hands.

Have tried so many creams, lotions & ointments over the years.

IMHO I find the only thing that makes it better is the sun.

Am under dermatologist who offered me a course of phototherapy which I declined as you can't go in the sun whilst having the treatment & I go to the beach a lot in the summer!

I always use high factor sun cream & find that just using hydramol ointment after a shower very beneficial.

When it flares up (usually if I'm stressed or injure myself) I use dovobet. I also have dovonex and betnovate. I have hydramol bath solution to which I soak in when my skin is very itchy.

There are so many different treatments out there & it depends on which type of psoriasis you have as to what works or not. I highly recommend seeing a specialist as they have so much more understanding than GP's.

Hope this helps

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Have you tried changing your diet?

Yes I have but found it very difficult as I love dairy products & these seem to make it worse

In Cuba you will find a treatment with Coriodermina. A gel made whit human placenta extracts.

Look at internet for Centro de Histoterapia Placentaria. Habana, Cuba.

I live in Mexico.

I have psoriasis ten years ago. I have been in Cuba two times and buy a stock of Coriodermina and it really works on my skin

mama27 in reply to Norestense

Many thanks I will have a look.

Sun appears to be the only constant thing that clears mine up

I have found using dovobet and other Steroid creams calms it slightly but as soon as I stop, it comes back more aggressively than before. They also leave marks on my clothes and bedding and make me feel constantly sticky/oily and miserable

I highly recommend the light therapy. I am currently getting light therapy (twice a week until it's gone) and I know someone who had Psoriasis almost the same as me (we both have it covering our whole bodies) and she had light therapy three times a week for 10 weeks and hers has completely gone without a trace on her skin for the past 2 years. Not going to the beach for a bit is a sacrifice I would willingly take if I could get a handle on this!

mama27 in reply to hbn25

Unfortunately I can't avoid going to the beach.

My parents live there & my nana is also in a care home so I visit weekly. It would be impossible for me to stay out of the sun.

I agree the lotions, potions & ointments are so greasy & stain clothes & bedding. I use sorion cream which you can get on amazon. Works very well

I will have light therapy in the winter as this is when it flares up badly as covered up all the time.

I hope light therapy works for you.

Good luck :-)

I would be wary of too much sun treatment and sun too of course. Ive had two courses of light treatment and yes it does help and makes you feel good but I now have permanent sun damage on my face which cant be cleared and so I have to live with it. The skin is so thin it keeps breaking down and I get scabs ugh.

For the rest of my body I find Exorex very calming and better than steroids as I dont want the rest of my skin to get any thinner.

mama27 in reply to tallgal


Many thanks for your comments.

Totally agree about sun damage whether it be light therapy or sun.

I still use factor 50 when in the sun & find this naturally helps my skin. That and getting in the English sea when I'm at the beach. I feel my skin stinging from the salt!

I bath in Epsom salts in the winter which I find also helps.

I have used exorex in the past & again agree about damage done using steroid creams. They also stain clothes and bedding.

I use Sorion cream which is very soothing, totally natural & available on amazon.

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