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How to treat psoriasis?


Hi everyone, Having read a lot of the posts, I feel like an imposter on this site. I have eruptions of psoriasis which erupts on my hands and feet (used to get it on my scalp too, but since I had my long chopped off to very short all is well there - touch wood). At the moment my feet and hands are going through an eruption, my dermatologist has prescribed a cream with cortisone but doesn't seem to have much effect. Bearing in mind I have to wash my hands after using this cream I do wonder if there is something else that I can use. People always pose the question 'what is wrong with your hands' to which I just say it's psoriasis and don't try to explain any further because unless you have, people don't understand. I decided a while ago that these eruptions are due either to stress or I'm ill somewhere else in my body and wait patiently until I can find out what is going on with my body. Anybody else feel the same?

Should also have said that I have RA and osteroarthritis.

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I hate it on the hands and feet, especially the soles. I feel for you, it's been a long time but as i remember it, pretty much constant pain/irritation.

If you also have RA (are you sure it's not PA?), it may well be time to try and get on some systemic treatment to control your inflammation. Perhaps you should ask the GP for a referral to a dermatologist/rheumatologist.

As for washing the hands and the cream... this is really bad.

Ointment will be absorbed and be more effective, hang around longer and actually have an effect on the psoriasis, you should use ointment - especially on thicker areas of skin i.e. hands and feet.

Don't wash your hands, after applying the ointment. You are washing off the stuff which will help you. If this is a problem, perhaps you could buy a box of latex gloves.

Don't wash your hands with soap, your psoriasis will hate it, i'd suggest your scalp psoriasis has cleared up since you've stopped washing your hair. There are other forms of 'soap' available, i like the olive oil one.

If you manage to work out if it's the soap that's exacerbating your skin, check which clothes detergent you use, a change there may be causing the flare up.

You could also step up from the hydrocortisone cream, if i remember correctly it's the fairly weak steroid. Personally i use dovobet for flare ups, which is a mix of calcipotiol and betamethasone. So it's a stronger steroid and also has another ingredient which helps a lot.

All the best, let us know how it goes.

KayEP in reply to slim768

Hi, Thanks for your reply. See my rely to Seahorse 02 which may explain a little better my problem. xo

I have palmoplantar pustular psoriatic arthritis - my first symptom was pinpoint brown specks on bottoms of feet. Within it went nuts and covered all of left sole and majority of left palm with white blisters. Then it turns brown and peels. I second the question - are you certain you have RA not PsA? I keep a large box of disposable latex gloves in the kitchen. To keep from washing all the creams/ointments I've been prescribed for a year and half now, any time I'm doing most anything that will require washing my hands, I slip o a pair of the latex gloves, do the task then throw the gloves away. I slather up really good at night and wear cotton gloves and socks. Best of luck to you. There are plenty of of images of palmoplantar pustular psoriasis on the internet. It's a witch.

KayEP in reply to Seahorse02

I've had the Pustular Psoriasis for about 40 years now, and the RA for since 2000 so am sure its not PA. The psoriasis only flares up when I'm either under stress or am ill. I do see a dermatologist (annually) for this and to check me over because of the meds I take for the RA and possible melanomas. Thanks for the suggestion about gloves, only problem being that as my immune system is so low I have to be extra cautious and wash my hands very often throughout the day. Think it's just frustrating when people notice it and think it's a little flare up at the moment as I seem to have a developed a new problem - sciatica - which may also be related to the RA or OA, will have to discuss this problem with GP and Rheumy. Many thanks for your reply. xo

Seahorse02 in reply to KayEP

I too have always been a big hand washer -& clean freak. Wash my hands is the first thing I do when I come home from being anywhere. Don't wash them so much now if hanging around the house - utilize the disposable gloves rather than wash the creams off. The pustular psoriasis gets so ugly and peeling on palms tho that when I'm out store clerks and such are afraid to hand me change back, so I ordered some gloves from Amazon. Ordered some that block the sun while driving and I just keep them on entirely until I return home. Helps with the pain of gripping the steering wheel too. Other gloves I wear are just lacy, just for looks, but covers the psoriasis. I get some light comments about them, but it is MUCH BETTER than dealing with people staring at my hands due to the psoriasis- or clerks pulling back and laying my change on the counter rather than handing it to me. I have plaque on elbows too so I wear 3/4 sleeves most days, other times I just don't care and I'll wear short sleeves. Then there's the issue of finding socks and shoes that doesn't hurt the pustular ps on the soles, the toes, the toenails. I have to go to the podiatrist to get pedicures. That's always a downer. They look horrible. The invert ps has my underarms, under breasts, my 30 year old hysterectomy scar, all genital area. The scalp psoriasis began with one spot at the top of my head, now has 3/4 of scalp. Inside ears now. I think the scalp bothers me most. Sorry this has gotten long - blowin' off steam by whining. 😉 Do the drugs you take for the RA help with Ps?

Sounds like you're really going through it atm.

I really hope you manage to find some relief soon.

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