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PsA aware?

If you have Psoriasis but not PsA, are you aware of PsA warning signs? I never was.

I know that worrying about what might happen is no way to live, but it can be good to have knowledge, the kind you can tuck away at the back of your mind just in case it's needed.

And those of you who regularly see a GP or dermatologist for psoriasis, do you reckon they are 'PsA aware'?

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I have found you can have lots wrong .. But as doc's think it's not causing problems the let it slide till it's to late and causing lots of them.

I for one hope believe genetic research testing is the way forward.


I wish I didn't know what you mean D3, but unfortunately I do. There's this phrase, 'being your own advocate'. Until research makes PsA easier to diagnose I think that we probably do have to keep informed and be quite assertive if necessary in order to get effective treatment.

As you imply, the sooner we can get PsA treated, the more likely we are to have a good outcome. The research does show that the worse certain indicators are at the time of diagnosis, the worse the outcome down the line.


A think given my own experience diseases psoriasis is lot deeper than your skin.

Ad say its best of examples lay person can have as genetic marker for what trouble the in store for.

I have had psoriases all my life .. and now am

older is quite a chronic inflammatory disease.

I think given my diseases i.e Lung Inflammation & Stomach inflammation and not forgetting joint pain etc.

I would say psoriases genes are responsible for all my health issues and the quicker its accepted and the more joined up thinking between specialist more the patient will benefit

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It would seem to be a lot deeper than your skin. Well said!

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I wasn't aware of it at all until joining this forum and have had psoriasis since childhood. Is it relatively common amongst those with Psoriasis?


Understanding of PsA seems to be improving all the time. When I was diagnosed, over 3 years ago, the stats suggested that about 15% of psoriasis sufferers were likely to get PsA, I think that has now changed to nearer 30%. I reckon that is high enough to merit us wising up about it, but low enough to reasonably hope it doesn't happen.

I really hope you don't have PsA, LozzieJHall. But going through the whole diagnostic process, including seeing a good rheumy, will likely be what is required to put your mind at rest. And if you do, then it could be that it will not have a big impact on your life, with prompt treatment you could do really well.


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