I am borderriever, from the far North of Northumberland, I suffer from full blown PSA that effects my skin in various places and my Joints and Tendons.

i am unable to take DMARD Medications and associated Biologics so I am looking for various other treatments. I have had various light treatments and other treatments, I have been like this since 1983 and now using many alternative shampoos and gels as I was finding the tars and steroids were thinning my skin.

I am looking for more informations on other treatments that can help.

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  • Why not try boosting your auto immune system? I have found sprinkling cinnamon powder on my ceareals and having garlic tablets seem to help reduce my psoriasis.

  • Yes I will try that, I tried using garlic many years ago thank you


  • I cannot help with alternative treatments. It must be hard not being able to take dmards.

    What a lovely part of the Country you live in. We are goingup to Northumerland next week for a few days. We love it up there.

  • Yes we live near Berwick, on the English side near Lowick


  • Lovely. We stay in between Seahouses. and Bamburgh.

  • You have a nice time we will wave from the window lol


  • Here in lovely Northumberland. As soon as you arrive here you feel so relaxed and chilled. We went for a little walk towards bundle bay yesterday. Then drove to Wooler and had a potter round. Hope the weather is the same today. Our dogs are on their elements.

  • Have you ever heard of seacret products? They are from the dead sea and have helped many people out with psoriasis. It doesnt cure it but can help a lot with the itchyness. Let me know if you want more info.

  • Yes I used to use the salts from the Dead Sea in my bath, the problem was it packet was quite large and all the salts had to be used. I do not know if that has now changed.

    The salts for me did work and I actually went to out there many years ago. I had a infected toe and they would not let me bathe

    Where are you getting the salts now ??


  • I am getting it online. You can check the website out I would check on black friday. Amazing deals are on then. I personally would buy the salt & oil scrub. You can use it on the whole body and it also helps with healing the skin.

  • Thanks will look


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