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I take mtx for PsA. I've been using it for 15 months and although it doesn't help the joint pain, it initially cleared my psoriasis this has come back worse than ever.

I have scalp and facial psoriasis. I find the facial psoriasis very distressing and am often reluctant to go outdoors or meet anyone. I could certainly give Quasimodo a run for his money! Sorry for the long rant, I live alone and I'm feeling very down at the moment.  Does anyone know of anything, short of lead, that works for facial psoriasis? Finally, if any brave soul is still reading, I've recently been diagnosed with Menieres and have to wear 2 hearing aids. Unfortunately I have psoriasis inside both ears and wondered if there is anyway to make this less painful?

Thanks for listening, gentle huglets and I think we can all agree that my chances on the Glamorous Granny stage are well and truly over! 

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So so sorry to hear your plight you    

I have chronic tinnitus a cruel condition. 

Thinking of you please keep strong were hear for a short time not a long time. 


Long rant??!  You've got to be joking!  I think you've actually been very restrained in the circumstances.  

I have PsA but my main experience of psoriasis was last year, when it flared badly after I stopped Mtx due to raised liver enzymes.  Eventually I was able to go back on Mtx and most of the psoriasis cleared up pretty quickly.  My psoriasis started to cause baldness as in large bald patches, like Friar Tuck but more so.  I can relate to your distress .... even though I could, with some effort, layer my remaining thick-ish hair up & over the bald patches, I still had this horrible wounded feeling, especially with psoriasis on much of my body and the intense itch.  

Are you sure that your psoriasis looks as bad as you feel it does?  I hate to ask .... but I do know that how I felt inside when it was all kicking off probably did not match the reality of how I looked.  You know, you do sound like a very nice person .... can a stupid skin rash really detract that much from how you are & who you are?  As I say, I do get it .... but we have to fight back, right? 

3 slightly more practical thoughts: can you possibly up the amount of Mtx you take?  Are biologics a possibility?  And, finally, psoriasis has persisted in my ears & I have had repeated ear infections as a result.  The one thing that helps me from a maintenance point of view is Balneum cream.  I still slather it on my feet and legs where it keeps the P there under control and a thin layer inside my ears really helps .... in fact I think my ears might finally be clear.        

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Advocate for yourself to be a candidate patient for a biologic prescription. Methotrexate is not working!


Hello and welcome :)

I have PsA too, but without much visible psoriasis. Mine is (apparently) flexural psoriasis, and occurs in nooks and crannies! It doesn't look like classic psoriasis at all - more like nappy rash - and was only diagnosed as psoriasis a couple of months ago, although I've had it for 30 years!

It doesn't sound like MTX is working for you. If you still hurt and your psoriasis is still flaring, your disease isn't under control. Can you talk to your doc about increasing your dose or switching meds?


Hi there maybe late reply but just to give u a tip as what works for me on my ear psoriasis or eczema not sure,as well as feet and hands.i ve been using for almost a month Bria organics balm with very good results on my ears and other parts,because this balm is safe to use on face as well as I use it on my ears and feet and hands very very good,much improved,really soothing for dry skin and itching.u might give it a try,but only can be bought online on their site-Bria organics,just a tip.hope u r much better now


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