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Major weight loss journey


Hi all I am at 116kgs and need to get to 78kgs to be healthy. That’s a good 38kg loss aim. Kickstarting it with intermittent fasting/low carb diet/ 10k steps a day. Then building up with phased couch to 5k and strength training. Struggled with weight issues my whole life but keen to get rid of this excess baggage. If anyone else has had a major transformation I would love to hear about it and any tips you might have.

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I'm doing the same intermittent fasting and low carb lifestyle and increased my physical activity. I started back in September last year. It's been good for me as I've lost 4 pant sizes since I started and my goal is to lose another 4. You can do this and it works!

Congratulations Wolfnbear!

What kind of physical activity did you do? My understanding is that this needs a steady increase to keep the calorie deficit up

good that you have taken this step transformer. I'm a good way down the road to a healthy weight now. I had the support of the Healthy Lifstyle group run by Guys and St Thomas'. Started with 12 weeks on very low calorie diet using only replacement meals and a small amount of veg or salad. Far more importantly we got the chance to sit as a grup and share our experiences, focus on different aspects of nutrtion and triggers and do a little bit of cardio too. I got to speak with a psychologist that help me learn some important stuff about myself and what my triggers are. I'm still trying to get there but I feel so confident about who I am and no longer concerned about what I eat. I think it's important not to look for quick results. Make small changes and be consistent. keep posting

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