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Weight loss help required

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Good afternoon, I’m 20 years old and I am seriously over weight and I need help to change that. My curent weight is 272 and my weight goal is 170. I have tried many diets and gyms but I guess I never stick long enough to see results in the past years my lowest weight was 240.

The reason why I gain weight easily is that I eat my emotions out. So when I’m down I eat which I need help changing. Also I feel like my weight stops me from being myself I have a few friends and I feel if I was skinnier I would have more friends and enjoy more.

Please help me find diets or routines that can help me

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I can tell you the mechanics Bee98, but you still have to do the work, and your emotions are always going to be there so you need to find a way to deal with them.

For weight loss, start by learning to tame your hormones. Eat foods that don't cause a spike in your insulin insulinandmore.com/2018/01/...

The advice we've been given to cut fat from meat, drink semi skimmed milk, eat wholemeal bread, shredded wheat, weetabix, jacket potatoes and baked beans causes an abnormal rise in insulin that is followed by a drop in blood glucose to leave us more hungry than before we started eating.

The quality and quantity of the carbohydrates we eat is important phcuk.org/sugar Keep to less than 130g of low Gi carbohydrates per day glycemicindex.com/about.php mostly from non starchy vegetables phcuk.org/wp-content/upload... . Get most of your calories from natural fat such as avocado, olive oil, eggs, cheese, tree nuts, a few seeds, animal fats, duck/goose fat, lard, butter, ghee, double cream, cream cheese, mascarpone, paneer or coconut.

For a week or so each month, increase natural fat intake to maintain your weight, so that your body doesn't adjust to a lower than necessary intake by slowing your metabolism. When you resume attempting weight loss after each maintenance break, it will be easier.

When you've roped in your hunger and your appetite, practice intermittent fasting. Start by having a narrower eating window; maybe eat only three meals in 8 hours a day. Then, once or twice a week, only have one meal for the day. Again, ignore the advice to eat little and often. It's rubbish. You need to let your insulin levels return to baseline, and that happens when you are not eating.

Keep in touch. Good luck!

Hi! I am a lot older than you, but have the same problem. I would love to see you conquer this, so that you dont have a lifetime struggle like I have had. I am 48. Any time you need someone to "listen" to you, I can do that and provide encouragement. Hang in there, kiddo....we can do this!

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Yes thank you for your kind words & yes we can do this

You have to deal with your emotions first. What are they about? Why do they come? What makes you feel better? What are you eating? Empty the fridge and pantry, and stock up on fruits and vegetables. But don't buy a lot of groceries. Only for a day or two. That way you don't have an excuse and have to go walk through the market.

Of course, change your view on sodas if you do drink. Limit them. Try bottled water with electrolytes.

As far as the gym goes...take it one step at a time. Just remember that as far as exercising goes it's a lifelong deal. There are some days where you just DO NOT want to exercise. Push through the moment and get in the gym. Settle for 5 minutes on cardio (bike, treadmill, etc), then one set of about 10 reps each for every body part. I do one exercise each for arms, back, chest, legs, and just recently started in on abs.

One thing I do know from experience...a little at first always goes a long ways. They key is persistency.

They always say either journal what you eat so it’s more conscious eating and or set a timer so your body has time to know it’s not hungry or you get distracted by other things. Also you could try and replace it with another comforting habit or a fidget cube to keep your hands busy. Good luck.

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