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How I feel about weight loss.

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- How do you feel about your body/health?

I don't feel well. I cannot sleep! I am always tired. I need a change.

- How do you want to feel about your body/health?

I can do so much better. at one point in my life, I was! I lost 60lbs but depression made me gain. Gotta find some way to be happier with myself so I can accomplish losing the 60+.

- What have your tried before?

I have tried weightwatchers and did lose weight but got bored of having to log everything I ate.

- What are your healthy living goals now?

Nothing really. Am looking for something to motivate me to want to lose weight and at some point I find it, but then lose it. Am I the only one?

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No you're not the only one at all I would think! I get the "right, Monday I'll start the 'diet' and get some of this weight off, easy!" By Wednesday I feel deprived, unwell and frustrated that after two days of hard work I haven't lost anything so the motivation vanishes; where does it go? Why do some people keep their motivation and have successful weeks upon successful weeks?

If I'm this unhappy with my weight why doesn't the unhappiness spur me into action? Surely it's a simple task; I know what makes me fat so I'm not having to find the problem before I can start to solve it! Any outsider that doesn't have this issue won't understand the 'no motivation thing' despite the unhappiness it results in; neither do I!!!

So, xdelgadop, you're definitely not the only one but unfortunately for us both and thousands of others, I've no idea how to approach thus spark the 'M' word...........


I gave up dieting some time ago, but realised being overweight was seriously hampering my quality of life 😕 I made the choice to focus on eating properly, good quality nice tasting proper food, no deprivation just sensible portions 😊 It has taken me a year to lose just over two stone but the improvement to my physical self has had a massive difference to my well being 😊 Diets simply do not work 😊 I had to get my mind in the right place, I decided I was worth it, and that I could and would do this 😊 Hoping to lose another stone but not stressing, enjoying being fitter and believe it or not I'm actually enjoying exercise!! 😊

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Hmmm that’s a really interesting take. Focus on good proper tasty food. So are you saying focusing on flavours helped?

Unfortunately motivation has to come from within, you can look to others for inspiration and ideas.

Ask your self one simple question Am I happy and Healthy at the weight I am now, if the answer is no ask Some more questions

So what is stopping me from changing?

Do I love rubbish food more than I love mysel?

If the answers show that you recognise what is stopping you and determine that you love yourself more than food I would suggest you tackle it by sitting down and making a sensible eating plan, incorporating healthy foods, regular eating times , cut out snacking and make sure you practice portion control.

Not easy but well worth the effort if you really want to lose weight.

You will not do it until you are ready to change for life Good luck

Remember all, nothing tastes as good as healthy feels!!

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