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Too heavy for my height

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Hi everyone,

just new to this form I am looking for some advice on how to stop eating at the mild of the night. I tend to comfort eat when I am stressed I recently put on weight whilst I was taken antidepressants which I am no longer on. I currently weigh 101kg I am only 5'4 in height I also suffer from irritable bowel syndrome.

Can anyone help?

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My Quack said for my weight i should be 20ft tall but i said that would be a bit daft as i'd never get under doorways!!!

Eat less carbohydrate, particularly ones that make you want to eat within a short time. Eat more natural fat instead. Learn to cope with stress by exercising and meditation for instance.

I find it really hard to cut out carbs in my diet I usually eat a lot of chocolate and drink a lot of fizzy juice. I find it difficult to exercise as I carry a lot of fat around my stomach. My doctor has suggested for me to do some pelvic floor exercises and write a food diary for now.

the middle of the night eating is my problem as well. if I make myself go back to bed instead of eating, I feel better the next day. not only am I getting more rest, but I am not eating either. of course this does not always work and if I get up I want something sweet. if you get any advice on the subject, please let me know.

I think my eating at night has become a habit.I find it really difficult to fall asleep at night I have tried listening to free hypnosis recordings on Youtube but it never worked for me. I sometimes like to color in adult coloring books but I usually have something to eat before I go to bed.

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