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Fiance hates my weight

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I'm so hurt . I have a heart of gold , but that alone is not enough for my man. He looks at my weight in disgust. I weigh the same now as 10 yrs ago . It's not coming off. Plz help. I'm crying all the time.

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Use your heart of gold to be as kind to yourself as you would to someone else Only by putting yourself first can you maintain your health to care for others.

Keep carb intake to about 130g per day, and gradually reduce protein intake to 45g per day.

As you lose weight, have a maintenance break for two weeks each month, to allow your body to adjust to your new weight. Increase your intake of natural fat (not chemically extracted/refined vegetable oils) to maintain your weight. After that you can resume reducing portion size to lose weight again.

Body fat is 57% mono, 40% saturated, 3% polyunsaturates; after millions of years of evolution, presumably the ideal ratio of natural fat to eat.

I really want to lose this weight for me to get off of a lot of meds . I'm on 6 insulin shots a day they told me if I could go down in weight I can probably get off some insulin. My fiance whom I love dearly said if I gained any more weight he would leave because he can't deal with my weight. I thought he loves me unconditionally but guess that's only the kind of love a mother has. I really have tried over the lose this by trying different weight loss programs. But in 2007 to 2017 I'm still 247. No I'm 57 years old and it's a real struggle.

Why ,

Look at the links within my reply. You need the insulin for the amount and quality of carbs you're eating, but that then sets up your body to store fat. You can take control of this downward spiral by reducing carb intake to the amount your body actually uses (about 500 kcal per day), and eating carbs that don't demand such high amounts of insulin. Keep your doctor informed because the effects on your blood glucose will be sudden and dramatic, requiring less insulin; be especially careful at night that you don't get hypos.

Your romantic partner SHOULD absolutely love you for you! And that means unconditionally. It's not as if this is a recent weight gain, so why all of a sudden, start handing out ultimatums?!

Aaawww I'm sooo sorry goodness. I too would feel so hurt & helpless if my husband just suddenly started making me feel unwanted, but what I can say is that I agree with pallie_beth, the man you marry should love you UNCONDITIONALLY & should support you at any weight. You really should express to him how bad this hurts you & let him know that you can't tolerate it anymore & suggest maybe a marriage counseling or something if you're looking to save the marriage otherwise maybe start looking for a divorce because you don't need that kind of negativity in your life. In the meantime you have to be happy with yourself & love yourself no matter what & if that's not the case you should start making short term goals until you accomplish your long term goals and do it for YOURSELF! Not for your husband or anyone else. I know it's tough be be strong! 🤗

Err maybe a guy like that does not deserve you? If you need to lose weight do it for you not someone else, trust me if you feel bullied into it, it will not work even if you do lose weight.

How would he feel if you told him his privates were too small for you and he needs to get them enlarged!

However if he loves you dearly and is afraid for your future then he needs to changes his tune and be a bit more subtle about it..

I love this!!

There are many people who likes big beautiful people I’m one plus so was my husband. There clubs made for big people to meet people. But first work on self. Love your self be a great person be your self. It’s a lost if others can’t see you can do, it’s not the right person but learn to do things for just you. Many are alone and love it. You can be in a crowd and still be alone. It’s the way you look at things. Nothing should stop you you are strong and great.

I'm really sorry it must be awful for you. I'm not going to advise you to leave him but how can he not appreciate you without looking at your weight. Does it even matter.

With regards to your weight, food diary does help you to track your food consumption. It did help me so I hope it would work out for you.

have you tried any diets before?

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