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Puahing past the Fear and Shame

Yesterday I went to a sports store and bought workout clothes. Even though I felt like a whale, I persisted. And I started a morning cardio kickboxing program this morning even though I was afraid! Survived the first day. I am proud of myself for pushing past my shame and fear. Seriouslly, everyone....if I can do this....so can you! Little steps. Have a fantastic day!

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Good job! Keep up the good work!

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Thanks so much! I went to a yoga class today....wow....really tough! But I am not going to compare myself to the others in the classes I am taking. Or at least I am trying not to compare.

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I never compare in those classes because I lie to myself and tell myself that’s how they got to looking like that and secondly they are usually way more coordinated or better at following the instructor than I am so just keep reminding yourself your there to make yourself feel better. Either way good job!