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Beyond Body Size
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My experience with weight and diabetes for benefit of all

My parameters

My age 55 yrs app

My Height 6'2''

My Weigh 116.7 kgs

HBA1C 9.8

Stent angioplasty done in 2006 after first attack second attack in Nov 2012

I am on Heart medication and also for diabetes and Thyroid

Recently complications due to unmanaged blood sugar levels as high as 499

I am observing great improvement after starting Dr Jagannath Dixit effort less program... Link below

Though haven't yet completed even a week my pp blood sugar now is below 200 and weight down by around 1.5 kgs

Please evaluate and let me in also on your feedback

Thanks and regards

Atul Kaul

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You still need to have stricter control over carbs. With h/ o two heart attacks you bg / ppbs readings are very high. Try to have keto diet. For lifetime. Easy if you are nonveg. But no to grains, sugar, refine flours, root vegetables n rice. Cut on fruits n no to hfcs. Measure your bg after foods and you will know which foods raise your bg. Stop such foods.

Gud luk.


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