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Too Skinny


I’ve always been small around 120 lbs I’m 5”3. I’ve been battling anxiety and depression which has caused me to lose my appetite. I barely eat and am now less that 110. I also have diastis recti due to my pregnancy so even though I am skinny I have a weird bulge and a hernia belly button. I feel so unattractive and like a skeleton. Does anyone know what I can do to stimulate appetite? I can barely finish a banana most mornings for breakfast. No desire to “snack” either.

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I'm not quite sure what you can do to stimulate your appetite, but have you talked to a doctor about this? Chronic medical problems of the kidney, liver, lung or heart can cause decreased appetite or anorexia. Metabolic problems such as a decrease in hormones, such as your thyroid hormone can also be responsible, or low vitamin levels. I don't believe that a poor appetite by itself is very serious, but over time it can lead to dehydration and electrolyte problems which can be life threatening. Perhaps you should see a psychiatrist to see if antidepressants might help. I know depression can cause a decreased appetite as well. You might also be suffering from an eating disorder (anorexia). A professional would most likey be able to determine if that's the problem, and perhaps give you a diagnosis. I hope you start to feel better soon.