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Beyond Body Size
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So I’m 20, I’ve been big girl since about 8. My BMI is 34(obese) I am currently 86.2kg. Last year(weighting-96kg) I got diagnosed with gastritis, which caused me to lose weight due to constantly being ill. However although the condition meant I have to even more careful on what I ate, I’m still not happy. No weight has shifted since. My boyfriend dumped me for my weight and I’m feeling down in the dumps, need to feel confident again.

Thanks for your help in advance x

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Shame on your boyfriend. People are beautiful no matter their size. I know when I was at my worst what helped me was wearing cute and matching underwear. Even though no one would see it it always made me feel a little bit more confident and good about myself

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Thank you so much for your comment, I took some weeks out to find myself again, regain a good level of confidence. I can say that he is not in my mind no more. I lost a lb or so but the time in which it will takes to get to an healthier bmi doesn’t worry me. I am not rushing myself x