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I am new here

Hi My name is Jenn, I am 42 and have been struggling most of my life with weight issues. I have also been dealing with PCOS for the last 19 years. I finally have gotten tired of it and ready to change my life. I have done everything and not stuck with it cause i would not see results fast enough. This time i am ready for a complete change i am ready to take on this challenge.

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What changes are you planning jennme13? Keeping your insulin/IGF-1 levels down is key optimisingnutrition.files.w...


I also suffer from PCOS and I must say losing the weight isn't easy but it is worth the extra effort because of the physical strain our bodies are under with having this condition. I have been as small as 115 lbs. as big as 218 lbs. but I am finally determined to rid these unwanted lbs and make the stance to not let PCOS win. Drink 10 glasses of water a day along with a reasonable diet fruits, vegetables and grains. As far as exercise I find when I do activity I really like it makes it easier to commit to my regimen on a regular basis so I have walking,weight lifting and cardiovascular as part of my routine. I hope this helps you


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