New here

New here

Hello. Im 31 yrs old on a weightloss journey myself. I have learned a lot over the last year and have gained so much. With nutritional classes learning from my own experiences and just reading. Im here to help share my knowledge and help you grow as people and lose the weight you have been looking for. If you having any questions let me know I also have a fb page that keeps me accountable I post workouts healthy recipes and my struggles or new things ive learned. But Iove it bc I know im helping others

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  • @ragivrao well its abt finding out how ur body does with protiens verses carbs. No sugar. Unless its narural sugar but u still have to be careful. Food prepping is key. It keeps u accountable abt your eating and helps u not have slip ups like eating out bc your hungry. It is better if u eat 4-6 small meals a day. Having a food scale is very important too. Also u have to exercise! You need need at least 150 hrs of vigorus exercise a wk to help weight loss. I exercise 4-5x a wk. Alternating cardio and weight training. U want aleast 24 hrs rest time between ur weight training. Also is key is eating breakfast within 30 mins after u wake up. Also eat 30mins - 1 hr before and after ur workout bc so ur body burns it properly and does what it needs. But depends on ur work out what u eat after for a snack. Exp. I wake up i make a green smoothie. I go to the gym. If im doing a cardio i eat whole wheat toast peanut butter and sliced banna. If i do weight training i have two eggs with spinach. Having protein helps ur muscles. I also have a. Calorie equation that tells u who much calories u need a day. My first 2 wk i dropped 16 lbs. Would u like me to share anything else lol just saying its pretty long lol

  • Always keen to hear other peoples experiences..........always need motivation. Would love to look at your fb page?

  • @miamia send ne a private message and ill add u to my fb

  • Not sure how to?

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