Struggle is real

I am 24 and am recently trying to live healthier for my sake and those of my loved ones. It's tough though! Gym is a 21 minute walk and when I don't go to the gym, I try and do pilates at home. Been trying to eat healthier too and it's not easy when my mom orders out a lot and when we go to fast food places-there isn't really any "healthy" options unless you want like veggies in a bun. Any suggestions?

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  • Without added sugar, fruit juices are still a large dose of sugar, including fructose.

  • If your glycogen stores are full, it doesn't matter whether the fructose comes from sucrose, high fructose corn syrup or fruit juice; fructose sticks to red blood cells seven times as much as glucose, the resulting vldl and visceral fats causing fatty liver, central adiposity, and insulin resistance.

  • You don't have to beg to me navinsinha. Everything Dr Robert Lustig claims is backed up by solid science, some of which he conducted himself!

  • You are doing well to be taking control of your own health at your young age; a lot of people wait until their knees are worn out and their arteries clogged before they even think about healthy eating!

    Try and eat a wide variety of food - watch portion sizes, fill up on water, tea, coffee, fruit teas. Snack on nuts and dried fruit, rice-cakes, home-made soup (throw left over veg in a blender with some chicken stock, worcester sauce, a little cream and blitz).

    Start the day with a couple of poached eggs or beans on toast, porridge or fruit and cereal which will see you through til lunchtime. Make up some lunch boxes of salad or pasta with a tomato based dressing, tiny bit of pesto for flavour perhaps. Eat some fruit everyday for vitamins and eat a dinner like a stir-fry with chicken, veg and sauce or bake a piece of salmon with breadcrumbs and grated cheese on it with lots of veg.

    If you go to fast food places, look at having a wrap and donate the chips to someone else. Fill up on coffee and don't bother with the ice-cream - too much sugar! They are beginning to offer salad boxes and lighter options in some establishments fortunately.

    Lastly - google some interesting recipes (look at the BBC Recipes) and ask your Mum if you can do dinner? She might love a break and it is an excellent way to improve family relations by eating together.

  • Another thing to add to thr struggle; the only bra I used for the gym the wire snapped inhalf. I am unemployed and can't afford a sports bra...

  • Use the facilities near at hand; run up the stairs, dig the garden, borrow a dog for walking, have you a bike? Cycling is an excellent calorie burner and the view is better outside of the gym! Look on Ebay for bargains...sports bra or bike perhaps? It is more about a willingness to get moving than what equipment you have...all the best!