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Hi Everyone,

looking for some advice

I am finding it really hard to lose weight. I carry a lot of fat around my stomach and thighs I suffer from Anxiety and IBS. I have tried some weight loss supplements and I have also tried to cut out some carbs out of my diet but when I become stressed my stomach swells and I turn to carbs. I also find it difficult to do some exercises due to the size of my stomach.

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  • MissSKOctober

    Have firm determination to lose fats. For your stress and anxiety take a psychiatric advice. Hypnotherapy and yoga would certainly help you. Take as less carbs as possible. A keto or near keto diet will help you.

  • What low carbs and high fats would you suggest on a keto diet?

  • hey doll. I am finding it hard to lose weight as well, but I can tell you that the supplements did not work for me. also I have a hard time following a low carb diet as I am addicted to bread. but I have a problem with too much yeast in my body so I have to leave some carbs out of my new eating habits. I think of it more as a life style change than a diet. if I think I am on a diet, all I want to do is eat. it is the pits I assure you. but I am trying to eat more veggies and less bread and so far I am doing ok. I am also trying to cut out the sugar. that is very very hard. exercise sux but it is a necessary evil. I have the same problem but also I have problems with one of my feet so I find it hard to walk too. I recommend you try walking first. take it slow at first then work your way up. I am trying to work out on a stationary bike as that is easier on my bad foot. also swimming is a wonderful and fun way to exercise and you don't sweat so much! lol. I have anxiety and ibs as well so I know that is hard to deal with. I think if you decide on a new way of life instead of being on a diet it will help more than you think. also I find that when I write everything down I eat (without cheating) it helps me see where I can cut some calories out and not feel the pain. keep me informed and chin up!

  • Thank you for your support and of course, I will keep in touch with you. I think if I do change my eating habits I will probably feel much better in myself.

  • katy9617

    "but I have a problem with too much yeast in my body"

    What do you mean by that ?

  • I eat too much bread and starchy veggie I think. I found this diet a paleo diet but I do not think I could follow it. it is supposed to cleanse your body out.

  • katy9617

    You have to be determined and correct your diet habits.

  • I had similar issues, along with other symptoms that I put down to stress but then I found I have a gluten intolerance and cut gluten out of my food and now I've got more energy and I've started finally loosing weight. Maybe talk to your GP about why you're struggling to loose weight?

  • Thank you for your support I have an appointment with my GP next week to discuss my eating habits. In December 2016 I was tested for celiac disease my results came back clear but my thyroid is a little bit underactive which my GP is keeping an eye on.

  • I hope all works out.

    One thing I found that really vexed me is that Dr's don't believe us what we say we're on a good diet and such, they assume were leing about what we've eaten cos were fat. If that's the case with your dr I found that keeping a photo diary of my food helpful (you can get apps for this but not necessary really). I also now keep a symptom diary also, along with a food diary, so we can see what foods trigger reactions and such.

  • that is so smart about keeping a food diary and a symptom diary as well to show your dr. I love it! I am going to try that too.

  • MissSKOctober

    If your thyroid is underactive please reduce the carbs gradually.

  • Email me at bzforever@yahoo.com as you also need to solve your metabolic syndrome issue to overcome your weight issue. If that syndrome is not solve, regardless how hard you work out, you will only loose 5kg and rebound back with double.

  • I started using Raspberry Ketones by Trusted Nutrients I bought it on amazon and am losing weight finally not much but a pound a week is wonderful for me..I don't have the late night Munchies and allow myself a slice of rye bread with some Hummus or whatever for a snack..it has been a miracle and it also cleans me out..look it up on amazon and it is pure with no fillers or gluten..