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Did you venture out today ?

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The first day of 'freedom' for many of us, how did you get on?


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Went out for an early walk as I had a video job interview at 1.30 where I gave it my best.

I am hoping to go for some local days out this week and to the shops in the city centre as well at some point.

I was excited and nervous about today though.

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chloe40Administrator in reply to Catgirl1976

Really hope the interview will lead to work for you x

Must confess to general indifference. Disappointed at the 2 hour queues for beer gardens. But what should we expect! I am happy to wit till i can book a table indoors and sit indoors to enjoy a coffee in Tesco's.

Need hair cut a clothes , then i will be happy.

What about you Chloe. Are you hitting the party scene yet?

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chloe40Administrator in reply to Greyone

2hour wait for 🍺 oh no! I’m with you, I’ll wait until I can go indoors.

Haircut for me to and I can’t wait 😁

I’ve been out almost everyday long walks over the heath & fields I have a poorly eye, which I’m trying to get to see someone about it, not easy. & a raging toothache 😖😫 So I never set foot out of the front door. Off to the hairdressers today with an eye that wouldn’t look out of place at Halloween & swollen face due to the tooth. Just great!! Now what to wear....

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Sandradsn in reply to Caza

I also have a dodgy painful eye,a stye I think.Hope you can see a dentist soon!

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chloe40Administrator in reply to Caza

Oh poor you Caza, that’s so painful, I wonder if there’s a connection to your eye problem or vice versa? Enjoy you’re hair appointment, I’m joining you!


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Caza in reply to chloe40

That’s it we’ll meet up for coffee afterwards or maybe a cheeky glass of wine 🍷

I sat in my garden with a cuppa ,couldn't face going to shops or people really.We had snow so it wasn't very spring like!

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chloe40Administrator in reply to Sandradsn

I agree Sandra, it was ridiculous out there yesterday. Yes, I saw there was snow in some places, it’s still cold but bright this morning so a cuppa in your garden is a nice place to be x

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Catgirl1976 in reply to chloe40

Thats why I decided to stay away yesterday.

Those places will be there another day!

Makes no odds to me, couldn't care less about a hair cut or pubs. Working throughout so I only notice the increase in traffic. Part of me was bemoaning all the campers and caravans on the roads yesterday but equally I thought "yes, go whilst you can!" No one knows how small this window of opportunity will be 🤞🏻

I do, finally, have a massage booked for tomorrow. I would usually have one every month as my job is physical. To say he'll have a lot to do is an understatement!

Had a short morning visit to the city centre this morning to prove to myself everything is fine and that there's no need to be anxious as I was anxious about visiting at first but everything was fine.

It was sad though seeing the cafes in the house of Fraser and debenhams all boarded up.

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